Top 4 Samsung Galaxy S3 batteries

Earlier this week we had a look at some of the best batteries available for the venerable Samsung Galaxy S2, and now we’re back to do the same for the slightly-more-up-to-date Galaxy S3! Let’s get right into the Galaxy S3 battery recommendations.

1. Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery

Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery - EB-L1G6LLUCSTD

The most obvious solution to a flat battery is to just buy precisely the same one again. The Official Samsung Galaxy S3 battery is still being made, so it’s simple to pick it up and slot it right in. Of course, you don’t need to have a flat or dying battery to make this a good idea. Picking up a spare battery is also one of the simplest ways to double your battery life; just charge both batteries up and then you’ll have another full charge ready to go whenever you get low.

2. Andida Extended Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery

Andida Extended Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery - 2300 mAh

Of course, the same logic also applies to a replacement battery from a third party manufacturer. This option from Andida is one of the best available, as it has an extended capacity of 2300 mAh – that’s an extra 200mAh compared to the stock battery. When you consider that you’ll get 10% more battery life in exactly the same dimensions, it’s a a no-brainer. The Andida battery is a bit cheaper than the official option too, making the Andida an even more alluring option.

3. Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Holder and Battery Charger    Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Holder and Battery Charger - EB-H1G6LLEGSTD

If you are going for a spare battery, then the Spare Battery Kit from Samsung can be a good idea. This is a combination of a spare battery, a battery charger and a desk stand. The spare battery is self explanatory; it’s exactly the same as the first item in this article. The charger allows you to charge that spare battery while charging your existing battery in your phone. This means you can put both batteries on charge when you go to sleep, and both will be charged when you wake up. The desk stand functionality is helpful too, and can support your phone in landscape and portrait mode.

4. Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Case 2200mAh

Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

The next good option for extending your battery life is to grab a battery case. The battery case is a portable battery integrated into a case, just as it sounds. That means you’ll get the benefit of more than double the battery life along with considerable protection. The case is bulkier than standard Galaxy S3 cases, but it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.


That’s all for now folks! Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or feedback, and we’d be happy to answer. Have a great weekend ahead!

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