Get amazing One M8 battery life with the Power Jacket battery case

Power Jacket Case 3200mAh for HTC One M8 - Black    Power Jacket Case 3200mAh for HTC One M8 - Black

The HTC One M8 is one of the best Android smartphones ever, but it still only lasts the better part of a day. And unlike its biggest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the One M8 doesn’t enjoy the flexibility of a removable battery. That’s why we’re introducing the Power Jacket for the HTC One M8. This case adds a whopping 3200mAh of extra battery capacity to the One M8, so your phone can easily last for a couple of days even if you’re using it nearly constantly.

The Power Jacket is a pretty simple concept; a case with an integrated battery pack. Your phone sits inside the case, constantly charging from the battery that sits behind the phone. That extra battery obviously provides more power and lengthens the time you can use your phone, but the bulk of the battery also is used as an impromptu barrier, preventing scratches and impact damage from affecting the more valuable smartphone inside the case.

The back cover even includes an integrated kickstand, so you can easily watch videos or keep an eye on notifications whether you’re on the train or at your desk. This makes the case a bit thicker than your standard cases, but it seems a worthwhile tradeoff to make for a massive increase in battery life, convenience and protection.

With the Power Jacket installed, you will have a combined battery life of 5800 mAh. According to tests done by GSMArena, that means you can:

  • Talk on the phone for 44 hours and 36 minutes
  • Browse the web for 20 hours and 18 minutes straight
  • Watch 25 hours and 3 minutes of videos

These are kind of fantastic numbers, and really show how you can get days and days of use out of a single charge with the Power Jacket installed.

The Power Jacket is available in two colours, white and black, and pre-orders begin today. For live pricing and availability information, please visit the product pages listed below:

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