Samsung debut Multi Charging Cable for owners of multiple microUSB devices

Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Multi Charging Cable - Black    Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Multi Charging Cable - Black

Everything seems to be charged over micro USB these days: phones, tablets, game controllers, smartwatches. This is convenient, as you can use the same cable to charge everything, but it also means that one cable is in constant use – and if you’re charging your phone, you might not be able to charge your smartwatch too. Thankfully, you can avoid that problem with the new Samsung Multi Charging Cable.

It’s a USB charging cable with three microUSB plugs at one end, allowing you to charge three microUSB devices simultaneously. Power is shared between the three cables intelligently, allowing phones to charge quickly while less power-hungry devices like smartwatches and controllers sip less power. Once a device is charged, it’ll stop drawing power to allow more to be used on other connected devices.

Charging two or three devices with a single microUSB cable is a drag. You need to keep waiting until one device is charged, then changing it for the next one. There’s none of that with the Multi Charging cable – just plug in all of your devices and leave them to charge.

The Multi Charging Cable is also quite portable, and means you only need to carry one cable and one AC adapter to charge up to three devices at once. That’s a lot better than needing to carry three cables and three AC adapters to keep all of your devices ready to go. It’s less complicated, and certainly will save space in your bag.

The Multi Charging Cable is also a tidy choice – instead of taking up three plug sockets with three wires tangled together, you can have one neat cable leading to your three devices.

The official Samsung Multi Charging Cable for Micro USB devices will be available next week. For live stock information, to see additional information and to place your order, visit the product page below.

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