First iPhone 6 cases leaked by supplier

Images of the very first iPhone 6 cases have been leaked by a Far Eastern supplier today. The images, reproduced below, show an iPhone with a “cat’s eye” flash element that’s far thinner than what we’ve seen before. Subsequent photos show a wider, edge-to-edge display and a new colour scheme for the iPhone 6.

The cases themselves are quite vibrant too, with a range of interesting designs. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

These are my favourite cases of the collection, with bright geometric designs – a honeycomb, dots and argyle. Each case is attention-grabbing in its own way, particularly the honeycomb one at the far left. These cases show the cat’s eye flash as mentioned above, alongisde a similarly sized camera.

Our next batch of cases is even more brash, with cool designs that meld a recognisable character (a person, a horse, a hummingbird and a flower) with multi-coloured abstract elements. Again, each of the cases are slim and include the same cat’s eye flash.

These business cases have a fabric texture that reminds me of cubicle walls. This is ringed with a coloured bumper, and reinforced along the back with a strip of material in that same colour. With options for silver, black, navy, maroon, teal and gold, you should be able to find a combination that suits you. This picture is interesting because it shows the supposed front of the iPhone 6, with a notably wider and larger screen (indeed, it’s edge-to-edge) and the familiar TouchID home button. The phone appears to be the gold version, with gold caps on the back and sides.

 Our second batch of business cases offer more fashionable textures that mimic nature – snakes, cats and zebras. The cases are similar to those we looked at previously, with a bumper in white or black that surrounds the pattern. There isn’t the rear bridge here though.

These cases are rather more extreme, with colourways of lime/silver, white/black, black/orange and teal/lime. The cases look quite slim, and again show a wider iPhone with white caps on the front and gold caps on the rear.

Our final case with the cat eye flash design is the creatively titled Fashion Case. These cases offer a transparent look, backed with a colour gradient. Options include silver, red, blue, purple and black.

So there you have it – some bold new cases that may be the first accessories we’ve seen for the iPhone 6. Let us know what you think in the comments below!