HTC One cases coming soon

Yesterday’s announcement of the HTC One has already set a lot of tongues wagging about the availability of accessories for the new flagship HTC handset. Here’s some of the cases and covers we’ll have on offer.

Cases and Covers

Case wise we’ll have our Flexishield range available in a variety of colours to help make the body of the HTC One just as bright as the display.  Each Flexisihield HTC One case is manufactured from a tough gel material which cradles the curves of the One to protect it from daily drops and scrapes damage. They’re bright bold and don’t add a lot of bulk to the One, so are perfect for every day use:

The Official HTC Double Dip Hard Shell is next on the list – as an official HTC accessory this case comes complete with two coloured bottom pieces, so you can select the colour based or your mood or style. It’s made from a polycarbonate shell so will protect from all the day to day damage and has access to all the ports and features of the One:

Finally we have the hard wearing Otterbox covers for the HTC One – the Otterbox Defender cover offers the best protection, so it’s perfect for those who work outdoors or who are just a little clumsy.

The Defender combines three layers of protection to the HTC One: layer one is a polycarbonate shell, layer two a silicone skin and layer three a thermal formed screen protector. The Defender case also uses silicone plugs for all the ports of the One, so that they’re protected when they aren’t in use. On top of this, the case comes complete with a belt holster, so the One can be comfortably and easily carried around:

We’ll be adding more cases and HTC One accessories daily so keep your eyes on the site!