iPhone 5 scratches easier than 4S, but we can help

Damage on Jeff Blagdon’s iPhone, courtesy of The Verge

As we told you on Friday, and as corroborated by Engadget and The Verge, it seems that the iPhone 5 scratches much more easily than the iPhone 4S. Indeed, in many cases owners are reporting that their iPhones are scuffed or scratched right out of the box. In an informal poll on MacRumorsindicates that out of 1260 respondents, over a third are reporting damage of some kind.Some commentators are laying the blame on the new anodized aluminium frame of the iPhone, which is softer and lighter than the stainless steel used in the iPhone 4S. The HTC One S, which also used anodized aluminium, also saw early reports of cosmetic damage, so it may will be the new coating to blame.

While you can return your iPhone 5 to your nearest Apple store for a replacement, what can you do to keep your iPhone looking good in the future?

One of the best protective cases: The Otterbox Commuter.

The best way is to use a case, which will cover the vulnerable exterior to prevent scuffs and scratches. If you’d like to still show off the exterior of the iPhone, you could try the Gear4 Thin Ice Case which is both slim and fully transparent. Another good slimline option is the Incipio Feather Case, which feels great in the hand. Finally, if you want to avoid damage even if your phone is dropped then the Tech21 Impact Case or Otterbox Commuter can be great choices.

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