Space-tacular Angry Birds Space cases

We’ve been playing Angry Birds Space for a few days now and I’m still struggling to get three stars on every level – no matter how hard I try I just can’t manage it.  I’m not the only one playing though as Angry Birds Space has reportedly been downloaded over 10 million times in three days!  That’s a lot of downloads.

Now you can do more than play Angry Birds Space though as we’ve sourced a range of Angry Birds Space Gear4 cases for the new iPad and iPhone 4/4S.

With two cases to choose from for the iPad and three to choose from for the iPhone, you can show your allegiance to your favourite Space Bird or support them all.  iPhone cover wise you can choose from the Red Bird, Black Bird or Pig King, whereas the iPad covers feature either the Red Bird or all the the Space Birds.

 Angry Birds Space iPad 3

Angry Birds Space iPhone















Each case is a hard, snap on design case which protects the back and sides of your device from day to day bumps, drops and scratches.  They have a gloss finish too so the image on the case stays looking newer for longer and doesn’t get damaged either.

The iPad cases are smart cover compatible, so whilst the Angry Birds are looking after the back of your iPad, you can protect the screen too with an iPad smart cover.  All the other cut outs and ports are accessible too on both the iPad and iPhone cases so you can keep your devices fully functioning for longer.

These cases would make the perfect addition to any Angry Birds Space fans device, I’m already eyeing up the Red Bird case for my 4S…

What do you think of these cases? Space-tacular? Let us know through the usual channels