White Cases Compatible with the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 Extended Battery

Edit: We’ve tested our top car holders and desk stands compatibility with the extended battery. Check it out!

We’ve been selling our  official Samsung Galaxy S2 Extended Battery Kits like hot cakes, and we’ve just got them back in stock. You’ll get 2000 mAh, a massive amount of battery, allowing you to go a day and a half without charging. As it’s made by Samsung, it’s also ensured to be top quality and a perfect fit.

Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S2 - 2000mAh - White - EB-K1A2EWEG

To save you a bit of time, we’re posting a list of which cases are or aren’t compatible with the slightly enlarged back cover. That means you’ll be able to check if your current case will fit with the new battery, or if you decide to pick up a new one you can make sure that one will fit. We’ve also noted down the colour of the case, so you can make sure it matches your style.

Let’s have a look at that list then, with the research courtesy of the good people at the XDA Developers forum.


Not Compatible

If you’d like to let others know that your case does or doesn’t fit, let the original poster diablous know by posting in the thread or let us know via Twitter or Facebook! Thanks for reading, and farewell!