Extended Battery Compatible Accessories for the Galaxy S2

The Genuine Samsung Extended Battery for the Galaxy S2 is a great bit of kit — you get an extra 350 mAh of charge in exchange for an extra millimetre of depth. For a phone that’s only 8.5 mm thick, that’s not a bad deal, but the potential trade-off is that some mobile accessories like cases, desk stands and car holders might not accommodate the enlarged phone.

Last week we looked at which cases fit with the extended battery installed. This week, we’re looking at our other accessories to see which ones fit and which ones don’t. We’ve gone through our inventory and tested three desk stands and three car holders to test, so let’s see the results.

Desk Stands

Samsung Galaxy S2 Desktop Charging Cradle

Desktop Sync and Charge Cradle With HDMI Out

Samsung Desktop Dock for Galaxy S2

All three of our most popular desk stands were fully compatible with the extended battery.

Car Holders

DriveTime Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Pack

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Vehicle Dock

Brodit Active Holder with Tilt Swivel - Samsung Galaxy S2

Again, each of the three car holders that we tested worked just fine with the extended battery — the fit was secure, but not significantly tighter than with the standard battery fitted.

Full Compatibility

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised to see full compatibility across our top three desk stands and our top three car holders. With our earlier posts on cases compatible with the Galaxy S2 extended battery installed, we feel confident in saying that there are certainly many accessories available which work fine with the larger battery. To ensure compatibility, it’s best to go with the products that we’ve tested and confirmed — but as these are largely are most popular items, this shouldn’t be an issue.

For more information on case compatibility, check out these links (depending on whether you want a black or white case):

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