Official Samsung S23 Cases Leaked

Here at Mobile Fun we are excited to bring you some fantastic news about Official Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra; read on to see leaked images and find out all the details about two of our favourite cases for S23 Ultra, and the new colours of the S23.

These cases are already available on the Mobile Fun website, and ready to be pre-ordered, so you can make sure your Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra are protected from day one!

Official Samsung Leather Cover Camel Case – For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

One of the first things that jumped out to me on this list was the Official Samsung S23 Ultra leather case which is available in Camel. This is particularly interesting as this could be the colour of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, I mean it’s pretty bronze-looking and that was all the rumours for the iPhone 14 Pro line up.

The other colours this Official leather case comes in are Black, and Green, so I’m guessing the light grey for the S22 Ultra will be dropped.

Official Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Rugged Gadget Case

Now while we don’t have any images of this case, I wanted to highlight it from the list of accessories below as it’s something we have not heard of from Samsung. What makes this all the more interesting is that the colour of this case is described as Titan, this could actually hint towards the case being made from titanium, which would certainly make it rugged.

Whatever the case might be, make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel as we will certainly get our hands on it to see how rugged it is.

Official Samsung Smart View Flip Cover Lilac Case – For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The next case we thought we’d take a detailed look at is the Samsung Smart View Flip Case in Lilac for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Now while this case has not really changed much since last year and will likely still function the same it is available in some new colours.

These new colours hint towards the S23 Ultra coming in Lilac, Khaki, Black, and Cream. I think this is a welcomed change from the past year when the colours were fairly dark.

Official Samsung Silicone Cover Khaki Case – For Samsung Galaxy S23

Now while Samsung has added some new colours to their S23 Ultra, it has not left the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus without any case changes.

The fan-favourite silicone case now comes in Navy, Khaki, Cotton, Lilac, and Orange, could this mean we also see some funky-coloured S23’s this year, quite possibly as not much will have changed from a visual perspective.

DeviceProductColourModel CodeEAN Code
Galaxy S23Leather CaseBlackEF-VS911LBEGWW8806094770421
Galaxy S23Leather CaseCamelEF-VS911LAEGWW8806094770438
Galaxy S23Leather CaseGreenEF-VS911LGEGWW8806094770414
Galaxy S23Smart View Wallet CaseBlackEF-ZS911CBEGWW8806094772623
Galaxy S23Smart View Wallet CaseCreamEF-ZS911CUEGWW8806094886825
Galaxy S23Smart View Wallet CaseLilacEF-ZS911CVEGWW8806094772586
Galaxy S23Smart View Wallet CaseKhakiEF-ZS911CGEGWW8806094772609
Galaxy S23Silicone Grip CaseBlackEF-GS911TBEGWW8806094768893
Galaxy S23Silicone Grip CaseWhiteEF-GS911TWEGWW8806094768886
Galaxy S23Silicone CaseNavyEF-PS911TNEGWW8806094770803
Galaxy S23Silicone CaseKhakiEF-PS911TGEGWW8806094770827
Galaxy S23Silicone CaseCottonEF-PS911TUEGWW8806094770797
Galaxy S23Silicone CaseLilacEF-PS911TVEGWW8806094770773
Galaxy S23Silicone CaseOrangeEF-PS911TOEGWW8806094770810
Galaxy S23Clear CaseTransparentEF-QS911CTEGWW8806094768909
Galaxy S23Frame CaseBlackEF-MS911CBEGWW8806094771251
Galaxy S23Frame CaseWhiteEF-MS911CWEGWW8806094771244
Galaxy S23Clear Gadget CaseTransparentEF-XS911CTEGWW8806094771190
Galaxy S23Rugged Gadget CaseTitanEF-RS911CBEGWW8806094902037
Galaxy S23Screen ProtectorTransparentEF-US911CTEGWW8806094772708
Galaxy S23+Leather CaseBlackEF-VS916LBEGWW8806094770391
Galaxy S23+Leather CaseCamelEF-VS916LAEGWW8806094770407
Galaxy S23+Leather CaseGreenEF-VS916LGEGWW8806094770445
Galaxy S23+Smart View Wallet CaseBlackEF-ZS916CBEGWW8806094772579
Galaxy S23+Smart View Wallet CaseCreamEF-ZS916CUEGWW8806094886795
Galaxy S23+Smart View Wallet CaseLilacEF-ZS916CVEGWW8806094772852
Galaxy S23+Smart View Wallet CaseKhakiEF-ZS916CGEGWW8806094772869
Galaxy S23+Silicone Grip CaseBlackEF-GS916TBEGWW8806094768879
Galaxy S23+Silicone Grip CaseWhiteEF-GS916TWEGWW8806094768862
Galaxy S23+Silicone CaseNavyEF-PS916TNEGWW8806094770643
Galaxy S23+Silicone CaseKhakiEF-PS916TGEGWW8806094770636
Galaxy S23+Silicone CaseCottonEF-PS916TUEGWW8806094770612
Galaxy S23+Silicone CaseLilacEF-PS916TVEGWW8806094770605
Galaxy S23+Silicone CaseOrangeEF-PS916TOEGWW8806094770629
Galaxy S23+Clear CaseTransparentEF-QS916CTEGWW8806094768831
Galaxy S23+Frame CaseBlackEF-MS916CBEGWW8806094771237
Galaxy S23+Frame CaseWhiteEF-MS916CWEGWW8806094771220
Galaxy S23+Clear Gadget CaseTransparentEF-XS916CTEGWW8806094771183
Galaxy S23+Rugged Gadget CaseTitanEF-RS916CBEGWW8806094902020
Galaxy S23+Screen ProtectorTransparentEF-US916CTEGWW8806094772685
Galaxy S23 UltraLeather CaseBlackEF-VS918LBEGWW8806094770377
Galaxy S23 UltraLeather CaseCamelEF-VS918LAEGWW8806094770384
Galaxy S23 UltraLeather CaseGreenEF-VS918LGEGWW8806094770360
Galaxy S23 UltraSmart View Wallet CaseBlackEF-ZS918CBEGWW8806094772838
Galaxy S23 UltraSmart View Wallet CaseCreamEF-ZS918CUEGWW8806094886801
Galaxy S23 UltraSmart View Wallet CaseLilacEF-ZS918CVEGWW8806094772715
Galaxy S23 UltraSmart View Wallet CaseKhakiEF-ZS918CGEGWW8806094772920
Galaxy S23 UltraSilicone Grip CaseBlackEF-GS918TBEGWW8806094768848
Galaxy S23 UltraSilicone Grip CaseWhiteEF-GS918TWEGWW8806094768855
Galaxy S23 UltraSilicone CaseNavyEF-PS918TNEGWW8806094770599
Galaxy S23 UltraSilicone CaseKhakiEF-PS918TGEGWW8806094770582
Galaxy S23 UltraSilicone CaseCottonEF-PS918TUEGWW8806094770575
Galaxy S23 UltraSilicone CaseLilacEF-PS918TVEGWW8806094770568
Galaxy S23 UltraSilicone CaseOrangeEF-PS918TOEGWW8806094770674
Galaxy S23 UltraClear CaseTransparentEF-QS918CTEGWW8806094768824
Galaxy S23 UltraFrame CaseBlackEF-MS918CBEGWW8806094771213
Galaxy S23 UltraFrame CaseWhiteEF-MS918CWEGWW8806094771206
Galaxy S23 UltraClear Gadget CaseTransparentEF-XS918CTEGWW8806094771176
Galaxy S23 UltraRugged Gadget CaseTitanEF-RS918CBEGWW8806094902013
Galaxy S23 UltraScreen ProtectorTransparentEF-US918CTEGWW8806094772678
Galaxy S23 UltraS PenPhantom BlackEJ-PS918BBEGEU8806094825664
Galaxy S23 UltraS PenCreamEJ-PS918BUEGEU8806094825640
Galaxy S23 UltraS PenLavenderEJ-PS918BPEGEU8806094825657
Galaxy S23 UltraS PenGreenEJ-PS918BGEGEU8806094825671

I hope you found this information helpful, make sure you check out the rest of our Samsung Galaxy S23 accessories, S23 Plus accessories and S23 Ultra accessories.