Google Pixel 6a – The best budget phone?

The Google Pixel 6a was revealed at the Google I/0 event on 11th May 2022 as Google’s newest mid-range device. Tech lovers have come to the conclusion that the Google Pixel 6a may soon be the best budget phone. So, why is the Google Pixel 6a such a big deal, and just what devices will it be competing against?

One of the main reasons why the Google Pixel 6a is such a big deal at the moment is because Google has decided that the Pixel 6a will have a Tensor processor.

For most mid-range or low budget devices, Google has gone with a Snapdragon/Qualcomm processor, but going for a Tensor processor just changes the game for mid-range devices.

Google Tensor makes apps launch fast, pages and images load quickly, and everything overall runs smoothly.

The Google Pixel 6a also has some similar features to the Google Pixel 6 such as a raised camera section.

The phone is to be available in a number of colours namely; sage, chalk and black, with all of them having the same 6GB RAM and a storage size of 128GB.

As for the price of the Google Pixel 6a, Google has announced that it will start from £399, which is a pretty good price for a mid-range device that features Tensor as well as having similarities to the Google Pixel 6.

Compared to the latest iPhone SE (3rd gen), the Google Pixel 6a has a couple of features that out do it.

The Google Pixel 6a has a front camera of 8 megapixels, however the well known iPhone SE (3rd gen) only has a 7 megapixels front camera.

Secondly, for a device thats price is a bit higher than the Google Pixel 6a, you’d expect a bigger battery size, however the the iPhone SE 2022 battery size is quite small compared to the Google Pixel 6a battery size of 4,400mAh.


The Google Pixel 6a has a 6.1, FHD+, OLED display design with a refresh rate of 60Hz. The metal frame featured in the device provides a durable design to the smartphone, which is similar to the Google Pixel 6.

Battery & Performance

The Google Pixel 6 adaptive battery allows you to save battery which will last you the whole day. The battery can last over 24 hours, by learning what apps are mostly used by you, so that the apps that are not used by you are not draining your battery.

With the extreme battery saver feature, the Google Pixel 6a allows you to choose what apps you’d like to run and Pixel turns off all other apps that you are not using.

With the fast wired charging, you’ll be able to plug in your phone and quickly charge your device whenever you need too.


Exclusive to the Google Pixel, the face unblur feature allows you to make faces that are out of focus look more sharper and clear.

Another fantastic feature with the camera is the magic eraser which allows you to remove objects or people you don’t want in the picture. I would personally love this feature.

With the night light feature, you’ll be able to get brighter and clearer pictures. The real tone feature will allow you to capture more accurate and clear shots anytime.

The dual rear camera system includes: 12.2 MP wide lens and a 12 MP ultra wide lens.


The IP67 water and dust resistance allows you take your phone wherever, without it getting damaged. The Titan M2 chip and Google Tensor security core provides your Google Pixel 6a, an extra layer of hardware security, keeping your device stronger against attacks.

Overall, I would say that if you do want a device that has a great processor as well as features similar to the Google Pixel 6, without the same price as it, you’ll want to go for the Google Pixel 6a.

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