Whitestone dome vs Glass screen protectors

If you’re confused about what the difference is between a Whitestone dome screen protector and a normal glass screen protector, we’ll help you get rid of that confusion. If you ask us what the best type of screen protector is, we’d say the Whitestone dome screen protectors, and we’ll also explain why!

Whitestone dome

There are a number of points that differentiate the Whitestone dome screen protectors from the normal tempered glass protectors.

The first main point which differentiates and makes the Whitestone dome screen protector better than a regular glass screen protector is that the method of installation used by Whitestones is a clever one which provides the best screen protection you can get.

The method uses full adhesive and ultraviolet light installation which guarantees total protection for your device.

No matter how careful you are with your phone, there are times when your device is bound to get damaged, but with a Whitestone dome screen protector your phones screen is certainly safe.

The Whitestone dome screen protector features 9H hardness for excellent scratch and shock resistance. This way your screen will be safe from the most sudden drops as well as scratches to your device.

Some screen protectors are not so good when it comes to fingerprint marks across the screen. The Whitestone dome screen protectors feature Oleo-phobic surface-coating which provides fingerprint resistance, meaning your screen will nice and clear.

Another amazing feature that is a part of all Whitestone dome screen protectors is that the screen protectors cut blue light by 25% to protect your eyes, so you’re not only protection your screen but also yourself! That is a feature that you wouldn’t find in a lot of glass screen protectors.

At times some screen protectors cause issues with the touch sensitivity, however with the Whitestone dome protectors you wont even notice you have a screen protector on!

Whitestone dome screen protectors are case compatible  and the screen protectors are designed to prevent screen lift when a case is applied.

Last of all features is the feature that we have been excited to talk about. The Whitestone dome screen protectors are super amazing since you can attach the screen protector to your screen, even if it is already cracked. You may think, but why would I need a screen protector if my screen is already cracked?

Well repairing your display can be costly, and you’ll want to avoid further damage wherever possible.

Due to the UV “curing” process and adhesive quality used in the installation of this protector, you can even apply Dome Glass to damaged or broken glass displays – halting any break in its tracks and ensuring protection from extra cracks or blemishes.

Whitestone dome

So, moving onto a normal glass screen protector. We aren’t saying that a normal glass screen protector isn’t good, but if you had a choice to get something better, you would of course go for the best.

A normal glass screen protector would also offer the same high-tension 9H tempered glass construction for enhanced shock protection so your phone will be safe from any drops or bumps.

A glass screen protector does provide full coverage to your device including the edges. No more compromising by leaving the curved edges exposed and this also ensures no dirt will get in – so no more “halo effect”.

Another feature of the normal tempered glass protector is the optimal clarity so you’ll barely be able to notice it is there which is similar to the Whitestone dome screen protector.

A nice perk to a normal glass screen protector is that it is most of the times compatible with any phone case, however some screen protectors do move a bit when you remove or put on a phone case. Compared to the Whitestone dome screen protectors, a normal glass protector does not have THAT much to offer.

A Whitestone dome screen protector allows you to even use your screen protector on a broken screen, it also protects your eyes from blue light, other than that there are simply many more benefits in purchasing a Whitestone dome screen protector as discussed above.

If you want to check out the many Whitestone dome screen protectors we have, visit the Mobile Fun site and find the perfect Whitestone dome screen protector for your device.