GaN Chargers – Why you need them

Gallium nitride, or GaN for short is used in some of the latest chargers. But what are the benefits and should you pay the extra for one of these new chargers?

GaN is nothing new, it’s actually been used on LED’s and even satellites, but using it in chargers is fairly new.

Believe it or not chargers have changed over time as our understanding of batteries increases. Previously chargers would send constant power to top up a battery but as you probably know, this is not good for the battery as it can cause overcharging and degrade the battery over time.

Chargers nowadays are a lot smarter, they have chips inside that monitor the battery level and actually reduce the current being transferred to the phone as it goes up. This is why fast chargers will rapidly get your phone to 50-80% but then will trickle charge the last 20% or so, and therefore increase the battery life of the battery and device.

So what does GaN actually do?

GaN replaces silicone in the charger and the by product of this Is less heat is generated, this means that you are able to fit the transistors closer together and even add more of them. The by product of this is small chargers that can charge your device very quickly or just charge more of them at once from a single plug.

This is perfect in a world where we have multiple devices that all need charging, it certainly cuts down on the amount of chargers you need to take when travelling.

Olixar GaN USB-A & 2 USB-C Ports PD 65W Super Fast Wall Charger- Black

Good points

  • Can charge with USB-A and USB-C
  • 65W provides enough power to charge large devices like laptops

Bad points

  • None
UGREEN 100W USB C Charger Plug 4-Port GaN Type C Fast Wall Power Adapter - Black

Good points

  • 4 USB-C ports to charge all your devices
  • Huge 100W of power, enough for most big powerful laptops

Bad points

  • More expensive than others on this list
Choetech 100W GaN Mains Charger Dual PD With 1.8M USB-C Cable - White

Good points

  • Two USB-C ports
  • 100W provides loads of power to charge large devices like laptops

Bad points

  • No USB-A ports
  • Not as many ports as other options

I hope this has helped you to understand the benefits of the GaN chargers. Make sure you check out the Mobile Fun store to see all our GaN chargers.

Mark Holmes

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