Samsung Galaxy SmartTag vs Apple AirTag

We’ve put the latest small tracking devices from Samsung and Apple in a head-to-head in our recent video. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag goes up against the Apple AirTag to find out the similarities and differences.

The Setup Process

Both the SmartTag and AirTag are fairly quick and easy to do, as they’ve been made to work seamlessly with their compatible devices. It’s worth noting that the SmartTag only works with Samsung Galaxy devices, while the AirTag only works with Apple devices.


As mentioned, the Galaxy SmartTag only works with Samsung devices through the SmartThings app, which makes the SmartTag tracker very effective. Within the SmartThings app, users are able to change the name of their tag, change the volume and sound of the SmartTag plus most importantly see where your SmartTag is located on a map.

Likewise, the Apple AirTag makes use of the ‘Find My’ app on an iPhone or iPad, where users can name their AirTag, locate it on a map and also use the ‘Find nearby’ feature which directs users to exactly where their AirTag is located.


Visually both tracking devices look great, however, there are key differences. Where the Samsung SmartTag seems to be more robust and durable, the AirTag seems more likely to scratch, especially on the mirror side, unless protected.

Samsung has also created the SmartTag with an integrated keyring/keychain hole meaning you can directly attach your keys and removes the need for buying any extra accessories. Unlike the AirTag, which requires an extra accessory to attach any items to it.

Where Apple has only created the AirTag in one colour, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is available in both black and oatmeal colours.

Tracking & Distance

As tested in the video above, both the Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag struggled to be tracked from around 35ft away, with the AirTag losing signal first, while the SmartTag lasted a slightly bit longer.

We hope you enjoyed our brief comparison of Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag and Apple’s AirTag. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

Amit Patel

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