The Best Smart Pens to Buy Now in 2021

There are many of a variety of pens other than your standard ballpoints nowadays, with the likes of multitool pens with screwdrivers or smartpens for your tablet, this article will cover all your needs for a pen that needs to do more! Are you looking to draw on your iPad? Are you a handyman that needs a pen to do everything? Read more to find out the perfect pen for you!

1. Olixar Multi-Tool Pen – 6 in 1 with Screwdriver (also comes with a touch screen Stylus, Spirit Level & More!

If you are looking for a pen that just does it all, then look no further than Olixar’s Multi-Tool Pen which boasts 6 tools in one sleek design! This means you will never worry that you will be without what you need in a pinch!

Our favourite for 2021 is Olixar’s Multi-Tool Pen as it has everything we need! From a Stylus for a Tablet or iPad, Phillips & Flathead, Screwdriver, Spirit Level, Ruler, and of course, a refillable ballpoint pen for precision. You will not regret buying this and changing your life for the better.

2. Samsung Note 10 Compatible Stylus Pen (Draw to your heart’s desires!)

If you are wanting the perfect stylus pen for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, then this is the one for you! Olixar’s black Stylus pen is the perfect replacement stylus and has all the same features as the official brand, slotting perfectly to your phone!

The rounded tip is precise and round, so you can draw and write as you wish but will not damage your Note 10 screen protector in any way! It also pairs easily so you do not need to worry about any hard technology to learn and can start using it immediately.

3. SwitchEasy Stylus Pencil for Apple iPad Pro / Air (Update your iPad and remove smudges from your screen!)

If you are looking for a sturdy Stylus pen for your iPad, then the SwitchEasy Stylus Pen is for you! No matter what model of iPad you have, this pen is compatible with all and works with 95% of devices on the market, including Samsung Phones!

This smart pencil has the capacity for 3D touch on your device, allowing for the top graphics and drawing to be created, especially for working environments. Also, on top of all the amazing technological features, this stylus is made of aluminium in silver colour, meaning it will look amazing next to your phone case!

4. HexStyli 6-in-1 Multi-Tool Pen with Stylus (Never be without a tool again!)

If you want another option for a Multi-Tool smartpen, the HexStyli 6-in1 Multi-Tool Pen may be the one for you! With an omnidirectional stylus tip, it will give you the biggest boost of precise screen interaction on your iPad or Tablet.

You will never need another pen, with a refillable slot and available to buy on Mobile Fun,  it also has many tools within one compact design. The Phillips and slotted dual hidden under the stylus tip for a discrete design whenever you need it!

5. Official Samsung S21 Ultra S Pen Stylus (Safe and reliable – Pair for the perfect accessory)

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and want the perfect official accessory, the Samsung S21 Ultra S Pen Stylus may be a must-buy for you! Made to pair with the phone, it will fit perfectly with the phone’s aesthetics like the S21 Ultra Phone cases.

Top technology available with this stylus pen, with remote control of your device such as snapping a photo with your protected camera lenses, from the very stylus. The rounded tip of the stylus won’t break your phone screen or protector that lays on the surface, leaving a perfect job done.

Wrapping up

We hoped you enjoyed our top 5 Smart Pens you can buy now in 2021! If you want to know more about any of the Car Phone Holders mentioned in this blog or to see even more products available, Please Click Here! Alternatively, watch the video below for more information!

Georgia Ryall

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