10 Tips for Working from Home

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, many of us are now having to work from home for the first time, however for others, working from home (WFH) is the norm, with approximately 1.5 million already doing so.

Working from home can bring about many benefits, though it can also be problematic. As such, these top ten tips will help to keep on top of your work-load.

1. Create a routine

Even though you know longer have to commute to work, sticking to a regular routine is vital when working from home. Continue to wake up early, shower and get dressed properly and out of your pj’s. Even though the temptation is there to stay in your pj’s, people have found getting dressed into another attire, whether that be formal or casual to be an important factor to psychologically prepare you for your working day.

 2. Built a permanent work space

Getting out of bed or off the sofa is certainly key when working from home. If you’ve got a spare room which isn’t in use, this would be the perfect place to built your home office. Alternatively if you’re limited by space, set up a work space with boundaries, by doing so you’ll be to stay focused, avoid any potential distractions and actually feel like you’re at work. Additionally having a comfortable ergonomic chair, laptop stand and any other office equipment, will help you to maintain your posture and contribute towards healthy working as recommended by the NHS.

3. Set boundaries with others at home

While this may be more difficult to achieve compared to the other tips on our list, setting boundaries will certainly help to keep on top of your efficiency and work load. For example to avoid any interruptions, set times when others can ask you questions or ask you to do something for them. By doing so you’ll be able to keep up productivity levels.

4. Plan out your day

In the morning, create a list of priorities for your day and stick to it! It may be tempting to swap between different tasks and projects, however focusing on certain priorities will help manage your work load, whilst also being satisfying for yourself, especially when you complete a task and tick it of your list.

5. Communicate with your colleagues

The great thing about working in the office with others, is the social aspect and being able to engage and communicate with others. This is the complete opposite when working from home, as quite often you’ll be alone and it can become lonely.

Instead of writing an email to your colleagues or sending a message, pick up the phone or arrange a video call. By doing so you’ll still be able to have a real conversation and continue to have that social connection.

6. Take regular breaks

Staying stuck in one position for a prolonged period of time is far from healthy and as such taking regular breaks is vital. By sitting in one position for too long can often effect your back and so taking the opportunity to stretch and move is highly suggested. Additionally by taking breaks, you won’t be continuously staring at a screen and causing strain on your eyes.

7. Get some fresh air

Even though at this unusual time we’re limited to how much we can leave the house and limit contact with others, getting some fresh air will benefit you. Even if that means simply opening a window to let fresh air in, sitting in your garden or if possible a short walk. By doing so, you’ll find that you’ll over come any mental blocks and help contribute towards your overall productivity.

8. Stay hydrated

This is crucial not only for your health but also to help keep you concentration levels high and focused on the tasks you may have. It’s also simple to achieve, fill up a bottle with water and keep it on your desk. Just remember to drink it!

9. Listen to music, a podcast or the radio

It’s been proven that listening to music can help your productivity levels and this is due to music being a stimulant for ours brains. This means we stay focused for longer and don’t become bored as easily. So whether you choose to use a set of headphones or a wireless speaker, having music, a podcast or the radio on in the background will be beneficial.

10. Exercise and stay healthy

Whether it’s a run the first thing in the morning before you start work or a home workout once you’ve finished work for the day, exercising will contribute to staying fit and healthy. Combine this with a healthy and balanced diet will contribute towards a good work-life balance.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found these tips for working from home useful. If you would like to see more about home working, please click here.