Top 5 Tech Gift Ideas for 2019

From speakers to chargers, low cost gadgets can make the perfect gift no matter the season. Today, we have a selected 5 of our top recommended tech gifts that won’t break the bank and help to enhance your everyday life without breaking the bank. 


1. Thumbs UP Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED Colour Touch Lamp

This brilliant mood light doubles up as a quality stereo speaker that connects with one touch to any phone, laptop or tablet. 

Listen to your favourite music anywhere you choose as it’s completely wireless, meaning you can stream your music from any point in the house or take it with you on your travels. The button selection on the front lets you stay in control of everything from skipping music to volume, giving the option to change tracks directly. 

The unique aspect of this device is the colour changing mood lamp. Set the tone and alter the lighting to match the song, whether you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere or a little extra colour to a party. With 3 brightness levels and 6 different colour variations this LED wireless speaker makes the perfect home accessory.

The lightweight, compact nature of this speaker makes it really easy to carry around with you or fit onto a small surface. It even comes with a handle so you can clip it to a bag or hang it to save surface space. 

So if you’re a music fan, this is an excellent piece of tech to share with friends and family. 


2. KSIX Free Pods True Wireless Earphones 

If you like the style and compact nature of Airpods then these are a perfect alternative that work incredibly well. With up to 12 hours of playback, these little pods fit snugly in the ears and come inside a portable charging case that give an extra 8 hours of playtime to keep you going for longer. 

The huge benefit of bluetooth headphones is the wireless connection that allows you to move around freely without being tethered to a phone or laptop. 

Using an ergonomic design built to fit with the shape of your ear, all external sound is blocked out leaving you to completely immerse yourself in the music. 

With these headphones, you won’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket as the multi-function control allows wireless music control and answering calls, perfect for those cold winter months. 

For a low cost device, it’s very good quality and offers just as many features as the leading competitors. 


3. PS4 Wireless Bluetooth Dongle

This handy little device helps connect your favourite wireless headphones to your PS4 using bluetooth, so you can fully integrate all your favourite devices for the ultimate convenience. 

It’s very easy to use with it’s plug and play nature and connecting to the dongle is as simple as pairing to your phone or iPad. 

Along with the USB dongle to pair the headphones, it also comes with a small headphone jack with a microphone on the end that plugs into the bottom of your controller, turning your audio setup into the perfect gaming headset to communicate with your team online. 

What’s great about using airpods for gaming is that they are much smaller than your average gaming headset and the lack of annoying wires trailing across the room help you focus more on the game, giving you the freedom to move about without being tethered to the console.

As this is a universal bluetooth adapter, you can use this method with any bluetooth headset you have around the home. So if you choose to upgrade to a new set or want to try something different then this device will adapt to your needs with ease. 

So if you want to use your favourite bluetooth headset to chat with your mates on the PS4 then this is a perfect gift for any game lover. 


4.  Forever Active Call-Me Kids Smart Watch

This kid friendly piece of tech will help parents keep in contact with their younger kids while out playing in the streets or away with a friend, acting as the perfect smartphone replacement for a small cost. 

It sits snugly on your child’s wrist just like a normal watch but it comes with an array of features built to monitor their location and help them contact you in an emergency. Using an app on your phone, the watch acts as a smartphone that you control, storing parent approved numbers that offers easy contact between parent and child with a simple interface. 

By installing a sim card into the watch, you can call it and receive photos and voice messages back from your child to keep an eye on where they are and to share simple messages back to the app on your phone. 

It’s the perfect gadget for ensuring your child’s safety without the expense of buying a smartphone that could get lost or damaged. It also has restricted access to who they can contact, storing up to 10 phone numbers that you approve while offering no connection to the internet so there’s no need to worry about what they are seeing online. 

So if you’re looking for an internet free, safe device to keep in contact with your children then this is the perfect gift for any parent. 


5. Official Nokia 10W Wireless Charging Pad

As one of our favourite compact chargers, this little device is perfect for taking a modern convenience of wireless power around the home or on your travels. 

Fitting into the palm of your hand, it fits easily on a desk or in a bag, taking up little space and adding a stylish power source for any room. It’s coated in a smooth but grippy material that holds your phone in place while on charge and utilises a universal micro USB cable connection that you’ll find in any home. 

Embedded with fast charge technology, you can enjoy 10W charge times to keep your smartphone powered up in a few minutes when you need it. The light on the front lets you know when the phone is connected and charging so you can be sure of a connection before leaving it alone.

Wireless charging is a staple feature on most modern smartphones and is becoming a standard method for anyone with a fast paced lifestyle so if you know someone who could benefit from this convenient feature, then this would make a great gift. 


So that’s it for our top 5 recommended gifts for the tech savvy. If you enjoyed this blog and the accompanying video! Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for more quality, daily content. Thanks for reading!