Reviewing the Official Samsung 45W Fast Wall Charger | Note 10 Plus

Fast charging is now the go to way to power up the latest smart phones and with the market flooded with wireless chargers, super fast chargers and power share, it’s hard to find the charging method that’s best for you.

We’ve gotten our hands on the latest Super Fast 45W wall charger from Samsung that enables the highest charging speed on the market for the latest Samsung smartphone, the Note 10 Plus.

What with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus now being able to charge at SuperFast rates, smartphone users are exploring the options available that help tap into this convenient feature. Of course, 45W charging has only been reserved for the Note 10 Plus and 5G variant, so unfortunately regular Note 10 users cannot experience this additional convenience. 

With smartphone users making many various tests on the feature, most have confirmed that now Samsung have boosted the power, the Note 10 Plus does charge much faster than previous models. However, the charger provided is only 25W and though it’s pretty fast, most phone users want to unlock the Note 10 Plus’s full charging potential. 

So we are going to take a closer look at the 45W charger Samsung have provided as a solution to see whether it’s really worth the additional cost. What makes this charging system unique is the use of the 5A supplied cable compared to the standard 3A cable that comes with 25W charger in the box. 

Samsung offers both UK and EU plug variants, but today in the video we will be showing you the EU version. Just make sure when purchasing you’re charger that you are choosing the right plug to fit your power outlet. 

For the purposes of testing this charger’s speed, we’ve powered down the Note 10 Plus to 15% so we can get an idea on how fast it will reach full charge.

Plugging it in at around 11:47am the battery sat at 15%. In a matter of seconds, the percentage started to rise and in a matter of minutes we could slowly see the percentage creep up by the second. The phone estimated full charge in 54 minutes which is pretty fast compared to the 25W charge from your supplied box charger. 

After only 6 minutes of charge time, the battery already sat at around 30% and after 10 minutes we had 42% charge which is amazing when considering the phone started at 15%. Around the 1 hour mark from the point in which the phone was plugged in, the battery was fully charged at 100%. 

From our quick tests, we can safely say that this charger is quicker for powering up your phone in a fast but safe manner. Your supplied 25W charger is a great option for the light phone user and charges faster than your average wireless and wired charger. But if you rely on your phone and use it heavily throughout the day for calls, texts, watching videos and taking photos and videos; this one will extend the Note 10 plus’s daily use with it’s additional power boost. 

So that’s all we have on the Samsung Official 45W Fast Charger. If you enjoyed this this post and accompanying video. Don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel ‘Mobile Fun’ for more daily content and quality smartphone accessory reviews and tech demos. Thanks for reading! 

Here are the links for both the EU and UK plug versions of the Samsung 45W Fast Wall Charger below:

Official Samsung 45W Fast Wall Charger – UK Plug – Black

Official Samsung PD 45W Fast Wall Charger – EU Plug – Black