Best Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019

Looking for a last minute gift or something for you’re Secret Santa? We’ve got you covered with our top 5 recommended gift ideas for the upcoming Holiday Season! From wireless headphones to reusable notebooks to novelty phone cases, our gifts are sure to put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas!

1. Olixar Mini Block Novelty Christmas Case

Get yourself in the Christmas spirit with this super fun build-it-yourself phone case. We’re sporting it on the iPhone 11 today but it also comes in a variety of sizes and styles for many of the top smartphone brands and models on the market. 

Using a Lego-style studded backing, the case comes with just the right amount of bricks to help you create a Santa masterpiece that you can customise in any way you see fit. It’s a brilliant activity for a personal project or as a joint activity with a friend and with it’s versatile nature, you can change it as many times as you like, even making creations of your own. 

For a relatively low cost product it makes a great stocking filler, Secret Santa gift or accompaniment to a new smartphone gift to a loved one. 

Whether you’re a little kid or a fun loving adult, this playable phone case will easily make someone smile this holiday season. 


2. Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook

Know someone who uses written notes on a daily basis? You can help them save on the cost of buying multiple notebooks with this sustainable erasable notebook. 

It works with any erasable pen, allowing you to write notes, erase and write again on the same page. But erasing the notes won’t mean losing your ideas and lists permanently. Using a free app, you can take photos of your notes and upload and save them to your phone in an instant. It uses a smart seven symbol system that helps organise and save notes in the right order digitally, meaning you never have to buy another notebook again. If you’re a student who takes notes for study or an organised office worker then taking notes on a daily basis makes easy work with this genius product. The notebook comes with a Pilot Frixion pen and cleaning wipe so you have everything you’ll need to get started right out of the box. 

So, if you know a friend who wants to make their everyday life more ecologically friendly, then this would make a perfect gift. 


3. Veho Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

These simple, high quality over ear headphones fit in well with any style and make the perfect travel companion. Listen to your favourite music by connecting to any Bluetooth ready device whether that’s your phone on the go or you’re home computer. Completely wire free, you charge them up via micro USB cable, holding up to 17 hours of charge to keep you going on a long journey. 

Covered in a soft leather, they’re extremely comfortable to wear and also act as a noise barrier to keep out unwanted everyday disturbances. The benefits to connecting to your phone is the hands-free features that let you answer calls, pause, skip and play music and adjusting volume all without taking your phone from your pocket. It’s perfect for those cold winter days. 

So if you know someone who’s in need of a good pair of wireless headphones, then this pair from Veho make a great low cost, quality gift. 


4. KeySmart Compact Key Holder & Organiser

Keys, Phone and wallet are core items you always carry with you and keys are often the most cumbersome. Now you can easily make your keys slimline and compact by using this brilliant key tidy. 

With a simple screw and bar system, it’s really easy to attach and select the key you need with little fuss. Sharp points no longer dig into legs and hands while in your pocket and with all your keys folded away nicely, there’s less risk to scratching your phone or ripping your clothes. 

It even works well for storing USB memory sticks along with your keys so they won’t get knocked or damaged as easily in a bag. For the drivers, it also comes with an additional sturdy ring for holding your bigger car key so there’s no need to worry about separating your most important keys because of size. 

It’s a great gift for your organised friend, keeping all your keys together while looking neat and stylish at the same time. 


5. Official Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Pad

For one of the smallest Samsung wireless chargers in their collection, this lightweight and highly discreet charging pad fits in almost anywhere, making it easy to take your favourite power source with you at work or on your travels. Although it doesn’t come with a mains plug or cable, it’s great for the phone user that already owns these accessories with their phone or even someone who wants a replacement or a second travel charger. 

 it’s incredibly thin and very minimalist. It’s the most basic fast charger in the Samsung Wireless charging pad range with none of the luxury additions like the fan cooling system. But for an official product, this device still holds all the luxury and high safety standards you value in an electronic device. The benefit of this charger is the complete silence while charging. It’s perfect for charging your phone on your bedside table over night as there’s no noisy fans or audible notification sounds keeping you awake. This is very helpful for these small charging pads as you get a visual indication when it’s connected, giving you the peace of mind that it’s working before leaving it. 

Overall, this charger is great portable device that offers a convenient one touch power system wherever you need it, making the perfect gift for any modern smartphone users. 


So that’s it for our top recommended gifts for the 2019 holiday season. If you liked the video featured in this blog, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with the latest smartphone tech and accessories. All product links will be available in the titles of this blog to purchase something special delivered in time for Christmas. Thanks for reading!