Note 9 Micro SD Cards: Sizes, Speeds and our Top 3

Note 9 Micro SD

Does the Galaxy note 9 support Micro SD cards?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does indeed support Micro SD cards. Its expandable storage can accommodate cards between 16 and a whopping 512GB in capacity. This means you if purchased the Note 9 with 512GB of internal memory, you could if you so desired even push this up a a total storage of 1TB with a 512GB added!

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Our top 3 Micro SD card recommendations

SanDisk Extreme Micro SDHC Card with SD Adapter - 32GB3. SanDisk: 32GB, U1

This budget memory card adds 32GB of storage to your Note 9, giving you a decent amount of extra room for taking photos, recording videos or storing extra songs, films or TV shows. The U1 speed rating ensures fairly rapid access, and you get a full-size SD adapter that lets you use the Micro SD card in larger devices like DSLRs and camcorders. If your budget is tight, this is a good choice.

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Samsung 64GB MicroSDXC EVO Plus Memory Card2. Samsung Evo Plus: 64GB, U3

If you want to run a lot of apps and games from your Micro SD card, or you are interested in recording 4K Ultra HD video, then this is the card for you. You get 64GB of space, more than doubling the internal storage, and you step up to the UHS Speed Class 3 rating. This gives you three times the write speed of a UHS Speed Class 1 card, minimising the time it takes to open apps, copy video files and so on. A full-size SD card adapter is also included.

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1. Samsung Evo Plus: 256GB, U3

This is the cream of the crop, one of the best cards on the market. You get a whopping 256GB of storage, tripling the amount of storage available on your phone, and you get those delectable U3 speeds as well. It is inevitibly a little pricier than the other options on this list, but it’s a future-proof card that will continue to be useful for years to come… and that makes the difference in price a lot more understandable.

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Speed ratings: what you need to know

We recommend Micro SD cards that have at least a UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) rating. This is equivalent to the older Class 10 standard, and means that cards will be able to write at 10 MB/s. The new standard is shown with a 1 in a U symbol; you may also see a 10 in a circle. These cards are capable of recording Full HD 1080p footage directly to the card, as well as giving you more space for songs, photos, videos and apps.

If you would like to record 4K Ultra HD footage directly to a Micro SD card, you’ll need a faster memory card. For this, we recommend a UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) chip, which can support write speeds of at least 30 MB/s, but can go much higher. This will also reduce the time it takes to copy media files to and from the card, whether you’re talking about songs, photos or videos. Apps installed to the Micro SD card will also launch faster, so if you don’t want to wait around then a UHS Speed Class 3 memory card is your best bet.

Wrapping up

Thanks for checking out the article. If you have any questions about Micro SD cards for the Note 9, let us know in the comments below. We hope this article was helpful, and that you’ll remember us for future Note 9 accessory updates!

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