5 solid reasons you need this weird LED toilet light

Why would you want an LED in your toilet? That’s what I asked when I first saw this new LED toilet light from Olixar… but after a few minutes, I started to get it. Here are five reasons why this weird product is actually worth considering.

Reason #1: This is brilliant for kids

Training your children to use a full-size toilet can be an exhausting and sometimes infuriating task. Thankfully, you can harness the power of shiny lights to keep your kids focused on the task at hand. The light will automatically turn on when your child approaches, and turn off when they’re done. With the light installed, they’ll be more likely to want to use the toilet whether you’re there or not, which might be a nice way to get some extra sleep!

Reason #2: No other bathroom light required

If you’ve ever been woken up in the middle of the night by someone else using the loo, then you’ll know the pain of sudden and unexpected light when you’re trying to sleep. The Olixar toilet light is the perfect solution to this problem, allowing midnight toilet-goers to do their business, wash their hands and return to bed without waking up the entire household. The light illuminates just the toilet and the immediate area, and its customisable lighting can be set to a red tint so it doesn’t impact your night vision — brilliant!

Reason #3: It requires little to no maintenance over thousands of hours of use

Installing the Toilet LED Light is simplicity itself — just install three AAA batteries then stick it under the seat, with the light detector inside and the light itself inside. The light is water resistant, the design is easy to clean and the batteries will last for around 30,000 hours, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of this handy light without worrying about maintenance.

Reason #4: It just looks cool!

With seven different colours on offer, you can match the theme of your bathroom or just pick your favourite shade. You can even have the light automatically alternate to keep things interesting. There are also five brightness options, making it easy to customise your toilet light to suit your unique circumstances. The light is the perfect modern upgrade for any bathroom, and it fits every toilet on the market as well.

Reason #5: It helps keep your bathroom clean

No matter how old you are, sometimes it’s possible to miss the target when you’re going #1. The Olixar toilet light directs your attention to the activity at hand, preventing potentially unsanitary distractions. It’ll also ensure that you don’t forget to raise or lower the seat, as may be required by your significant other!

Wrapping up

So there we have it — five reasonable reasons to consider the Olixar LED toilet light. It’s not the most obvious addition to your smart life, but it you give it some thought you’ll find it’s not as outlandish as it appears.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!