3 easy tips to stop your Nintendo Switch overheating

Have you taken a close look at your Nintendo Switch recently? Some users have started to report that their Switch has started to warp and bend over time, likely due to overheating while in docked mode. If you’ve noticed this issue or you want to make sure it doesn’t happen to your Switch, take a look at our top tips to avoid Switch overheating!

3. Set up your Switch in a cool, well-ventilated area

The Switch gets pretty toasty when it’s gaming, especially when it’s at maximum performance during docked mode. This means you probably shouldn’t cram it under your TV with your other consoles. Instead, choose an elevated position with some natural or artificial air flow. You could simply open a couple windows in your home, or set up a small fan pointed at your Switch. Setting up your Switch in a cool environment with sufficient airflow could lengthen the lifetime of your console substantially, preventing this warping and other issues.

2. Moderate gaming and charging

Another simple way to prevent thermal damage to your Switch is to take breaks during gaming. Try to take a 20 minute break every couple of hours, turning off your Switch completely as you do so. As well as allowing your console a chance to cool down, this should allow you an opportunity to exercise, eat, and give your eyes and fingers a break. You should also moderate the time that you spend charging your Switch; don’t leave it plugged in and on unnecessarily. Instead, charge it until it is full, then turn it off completely and unplug it from the charger. This should help the battery’s long-term longevity and save a bit of energy too.

1. Use an alternative dock with a more open design

The dock that comes with the Nintendo Switch is pretty poor, considering Nintendo’s usual standards for quality. For example, on launch there were reports that it scratched the screens of some consoles, leading us to recommend screen protectors for the Switch. It may be a better idea to just use a third-party USB-C dock to charge the console instead, particularly one that leaves more of the console exposed to the air. This model from Kidigi ticks all the boxes, and other alternatives are also available. Using more open docks¬†should assist in cooling and therefore prevent bending or other damage. Together with our first two tips, this should be a foolproof way to avoid #SwitchBendGate.

Wrapping up

Do you have any ideas on how to prevent your Nintendo Switch from bending and overheating? Be sure to contribute them in the comments below. Thanks to /u/_NSR for contributing this photo of their warped Nintendo Switch, and the accompanying Reddit thread for many similar reports. Until next time, farewell!