KITT-ify your car: six accessories to make your car smarter



Next year, Justin Lin (of Fast & Furious fame) will reboot iconic 1980s sci-fi-crime-fighter show Knight Rider. Knight’s car KITT was way ahead of its time, but in the real world we’re catching up fast. Here are six accessories that’ll make your car smarter… even if Super Pursuit mode isn’t an option.

Autonect ProLink OBD Real-Time Car Diagnostics

6. Autonect ProLink OBD Real-Time Diagnostics

Our first accessory is the Autonect ProLink, which gives you real-time access to your car’s diagnostic subroutines on your smartphone. You can get details on any fault codes that occur, find out which route to work is the most economical, and even send information to your mechanic. The ProLink can even track your car over GPS, letting parents see how well younger drivers are driving and where they are — that’s got to be good for peace of mind. There are tons of possibilities, so check out the product page for more information.

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Olixar Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

5. Olixar Clip & Talk Hands-free Car Kit

The Olixar Clip & Talk gives you the ability to take and make calls hands-free while driving — simple, safe and legal. The kit comes with 14 hours of talk time and a whopping 65 days of talk time, and can connect to two phones at once. Pop it onto your sun visor, and you can easily reach the controls to activate Siri or the Google Assistant, answer calls and adjust the volume. One of our best selling accessories ever, with 1500+ positive reviews.

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Nonda Zus 2 Port 4.8A Smart Car Charger & Car Locator

4. Nonda Zus Smart Car Charger & Locator

Now this is smart — a car charger that also works to locate your car. Using the free app provided, you can always see where you’ve parked, making it easy to find your way back (even if your car can’t just come and pick you up). The Zus is also a super fast car charger, with 2.4A on each of its two USB ports, ensuring that you’ll never run out of juice while on a long road trip.

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Griffin iTrip AUX Bluetooth Car Adapter

3. Griffin iTrip AUX Bluetooth Car Adapter

Griffin’s iTrip adds Bluetooth connectivity to any 3.5mm car stereo. Just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and the 3.5mm cable into your stereo’s AUX jack. Now whenever your phone enters your car, it’ll pair with the iTrip over Bluetooth and your music will come out through the speakers — no fiddling with cables required. Awesome.

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Ge-Force Car Dash Cam 720p Dashboard Camera Pack

2. Ge-Force Car Dash Cam 720p

This car dash proves that you don’t have to spend a lot to get constant video footage of your car. The Ge-Force costs just £25, and gives you HD video recording day or night through a 120 degree wide angle lens. It’s easy to set up, and could prove instrumental in proving your innocence in an accident — remember, you don’t have KITT to get you out of trouble!

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FIXD Bluetooth In Car Diagnostics Sensor

1. FIXD Bluetooth In Car Diagnostics Sensor

FIXD is our final accessory, and it’s probably the smartest of the bunch. After installing the dongle in your car’s diagnostic port and connecting to it on your phone, the free FIXD app for iOS and Android gives you plain English explanations of any faults or other information. No more struggling with incomprehensible error codes — simply find out what’s wrong with your car and what to do as soon as a problem crops up.

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