Apple Watch 2 reviews roundup

Watch 2
Sep 2016

Apple is really good at nailing its second-generation products. The first iPhone was innovative, but the iPhone 3G was excellent. The first-generation iPad was a viable alternative to Android tablets of the day, but the iPad 2 blew them out of the water. And now the Apple Watch Series 2 has been released, promising a redesigned interface, faster operation, and new features like 50M waterproofing and GPS. It should be a winner, but let’s see what the critics think.



Reviewer: Lauren Goode

“Let’s call it what it is: a fitness tracker. The Series 2 is exactly that. It’s what Apple had resisted calling its wearable for the past year and a half, even declining to categorize it as such when citing industry rankings, opting for the smartwatch category instead. But Watch now has focus, and that’s a good thing.”

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Reviewer: John Gruber

“WatchOS 3 fixes most of Apple Watch’s problems listed above. The Series 2 hardware fixes nearly all the rest. It is clear that Apple recognized what was wrong — not just obvious issues like slowness, but abstract ones like the user interface’s conceptual mushiness — and addressed them.”

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Reviewer: Stuart Miles

“Apple’s shift from pure fashion accessory with some smarts to a device that supports a range of different sports and activities in the Apple Watch Series 2 is a welcome advance. With built-in GPS, a better battery, water-resistance and a much greater focus on fitness, the Apple Watch finally works at workouts.”

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Reviewer: Scott Stein

“The new Apple Watch is faster, has a far better OS, onboard GPS, a brighter display and is waterproof to 50 meters in salt or fresh water… The Apple Watch returns in a made-for-sports upgrade that adds swim functions and GPS, but anyone who’s not a runner or swimmer should consider the Series 1 instead.”

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Reviewer: Gareth Beavis

“Apple has upgraded the Watch in a number of ways, and all of them useful. The extended battery life, the GPS abilities and the water-resistance now make this a compelling smartwatch – but it doesn’t quite do enough to make you need such a watch in your life… yet.”

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Reviewer: Joanna Stern

“You don’t need an Apple Watch. Saying you need one is like saying you need lobster for dinner tonight. It’s a luxury for those who want some freedom from their smartphones… But the new Watch Series 2 finally gives you a better reason to want one: It can help you on your path to becoming a healthier human.”

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Reviewer: Lance Ulanoff

“While Apple didn’t deliver a fresh design (maybe next year), new components make it faster, while new software makes it smarter and more useful… Apple’s wearable is smarter and faster than ever, but it’s also more usable than ever.”

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Header image credit: The Verge