Prisma for Android arrives in beta



You’ve probably seen a slew of photos like this in your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds lately. They’re courtesy of an photo filter app called Prisma, which provides incredible filters that are more reminiscent of Photoshop than Instagram; wholesale imaginings of a photo in dramatic new styles.

AI Camera

These filters are much more computationally demanding than Instagram’s options, so the the AI-driven work is carried out on Prisma’s servers instead of locally on your device. That means each filter takes a few seconds to apply, but the results are worth it. You can choose from filters that imitate comic books, urban art, Studio Ghibli films and mosaics, amongst many others.

Prisma meets Android

The app has become super popular over the past couple weeks — in fact, since the app was released five weeks ago, it’s been downloaded 7.5 million times by iOS users. Now, it’s finally available on Android, with the developers opening up the beta app to testers earlier today.

If you’d like to try Prisma on Android for yourself, then head over to the Prisma site and sign up for news on the Android version. A select number of testers will be selected to evaluate the app, which will be released fully soon. (You can also try the APK file posted by Android Police, but there are some reports that it isn’t working any longer. YMMV.)


Once you’ve begun your Prisma career, here’s a pro tip for you courtesy of The Next Web: you can actually disable the Prisma watermark in the bottom right of the photo in the settings. The more you know!

Thanks for checking out the article, and let us know what you think of the Prisma app!