5 battery saving tips for Pokémon Go players


Pokémon Go is out! The augmented reality catch-’em-all is tons of fun and has sparked all sorts of interesting headlines, but it’s also taken a toll… on smartphone batteries. You have to keep the app open to catch Pokémon, and the combination of continuous camera and GPS use can really tank your battery. Here are five tips to keep you out there longer!

5. The usual stuff


Let’s get the usual stuff out of the way. You can save battery life by reducing your screen’s brightness, disabling Bluetooth and other unused features, even switching on Airplane Mode or turning off your phone entirely when you’re not looking to catch Pokémon. This is all sensible advice, but it’s a bit lame — an ideal solution lets you save battery life while still enjoying the perks of a modern smartphone. Let’s take a look at some better ideas.

4. Enable battery saving mode


The Pokémon Go app actually comes with a built-in battery saving mode. To activate it, tap the Pokéball at the bottom of the screen, then hit the gear icon labelled Settings in the upper right corner. Tick the ‘Battery Saver’ option. You can also disable music, sound effects and vibration here, which will all provide a small uptick in longevity (but if you ask me, it’s not worth it!).

3. Turn off the AR mode


The augmented reality mode of Pokémon Go has brought about many of its spiciest memes — from Abra sitting on the john to a party Oddish. Still, gazing through your phone’s camera will eat up its battery life faster than almost anything else. Turn off the mode by tapping the button in the upper left when a Pokémon appears. This also makes it much easier to find Pokémon, if you’re trying to make a catch quickly.

2. Buy the Pokémon Go wristband


Of course, Niantic foresaw this battery issue, given how long the app was tested privately before launch. Their solution is a wearable wristband, which alerts you to nearby Pokémon and allows you to capture them just by pushing a button. The wristband is currently out of stock nearly everywhere, but once supplies stabilise then it could be the easiest solution to this problem.

1. Pick up a portable charger

OK, it all comes down to this — the best way to extend a marathon catching session is to use a power bank, a portable charger for your phone. This allows you to keep all the good stuff on – AR mode, the music, Bluetooth — without needing to head home early. We have a wide range of power banks on offer, from big to small. If you’re looking for portability (and a cute face), then this Emie Samo Dog power bank is a great choice.

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Wrapping up

Thanks for checking out the article, Pokémaniacs! Stay safe out there, and the best of luck on your quest.