Introducing the HTC 10 Ice View case


One of the best accessories for the HTC 10 is the official Ice View case. This stylish case looks fantastic in action, but it’s also super practical. Let’s take a closer look!

How it all works

The Ice View case is actually a follow-up to the Dot View case that HTC made for the One M9, and it has the same basic idea: provide information through a transparent cover, ensuring you stay informed and your HTC phone stays protected.

This is achieved through a new semi-transparent pane, letting the screen’s light shine through and illuminate the darkness. This method allows for a much sharper and clearer final image than the retro-styled Dot View, so you can see more information on-screen at once and it looks better. HTC have made the most of this new capability, with beautiful icons for the time, battery life and incoming notifications. Even third-party notifications are supported, so you’ll always be kept up to date.

Best ever quality


As well as simple icons and text, you can also see complex images – including even a live view from the phone’s camera. This means you can take a photo without even opening the cover, which is great for taking a quick snap before moving on. Throughout the process, your phone’s screen remains safe and protected.

As well as seeing notifications and taking photos, you can navigate through your music and of course see the time. This makes using the HTC 10 a lot easier than with a traditional flip case, where you’d need to flip back the cover whenever you wanted to check something. This saves time and effort, and given how often we check our phones – somewhere between 25 and 150 times per day – these savings add up fast.

A fitting official case

The Ice View may set itself apart by its innovative transparent cover, but it’s a good case on other grounds too. It provides good protection, with full coverage of the phone’s screen, sides and back.

It’s also quite light for its size, ensuring that it doesn’t make the HTC 10 too bulky to use. Sleep-wake functionality is included too, with the screen automatically locking when the cover closes. Finally, this is an official case, so it fits the phone in size and style perfectly, with cutouts wherever necessary.

The Ice View is a brilliant case for your HTC 10, and it’s available now at Mobile Fun. To see more information or place an order, check out the product pages below.

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