How to connect your Sony Xperia X / XA to your TV


If you wanted to learn how to connect your Xperia X or Xperia XA to your TV, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to do it.

1. Turn on screen mirroring using Wi-Fi Direct

If your television is fairly modern, there’s a good chance it supports screen mirroring via Wi-Fi Direct, a standard sometimes called Miracast. If it does, activate the screen mirroring function on your TV — this is often an app or its own input; check your TV manual for details. Then, open Settings > Device connection > Screen mirroring, and press Start. Read the notice, then tap OK and select your TV.

If your TV doesn’t support Wi-Fi Direct / Miracast, then you can pick up a wireless display adapter like this one from Microsoft. This dongle connects to your TV’s HDMI port, and provides the wireless connection to your phone. Just plug in the dongle, change the input to its HDMI port, then connect to the dongle using the instructions above.

2. Use a Chromecast

You can also use the inexpensive Chromecast from Google to connect to your TV. You don’t get full screen mirroring, but after installing the Chromecast app and connecting the Chromecast dongle to your TV, you’ll be able to press a button in compatible apps to send video, audio and Chrome tabs to your TV. This is great for showing your friends yet more videos of motorcycles you’ll never buy, or putting on this summer’s number one jams for your next party.

Chromecast TV Dongle    Chromecast TV Dongle

3. Why not a wired connection?

Normally we would also recommend a widely supported option for Android devices: using an MHL connection (via HDMI). Unfortunately, Sony has joined Samsung and other vendors in dropping MHL support on their recent phones. That means you’ll need to use a wireless method, like the two options above, for connecting to your TV.


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