The best apps for Audiophiles / people who love music

For many of us, Music is an essential part of life – whether it’s your daily commute, on your office radio or even singing in the shower. Since the increase in media streaming services, smartphones have begun to play more important role in the consumption of music. Let’s take a look at the top apps for people who love music:1


“Hey, I love that song but I can’t remember what it’s called!” is something that people used to say before the world met Shazam. This clever app uses your smartphone’s microphone to analyze a brief section of music being played and creates an acoustic fingerprint from the sample. It then scans a the sample against the central database and returns the information such as the title, artist, and album. As of today, Shazam has a library of 11 million songs.

Amazingly, Shazam still seems to pick out the song through other sounds, such as noisy shops and dialogue in TV shows.



10 years ago if you wanted to become a DJ on the move, you’d have to lug your £5,000 equipment into a van and travel to your location ready to for more heavy lifting. Today, you can simply load up djay2 and start beat matching your favourite records. After loading up your tracks into the virtual mixer you have access to tons of built-in crossfading transitions, vinyl scratching and  pitch shifting effects. With djay 2’s built-in auto mode, this essential music app is must-have for parties.


PocketBand Pro

No matter if you’re a skilled musician or someone who likes to play around creating sounds, PocketBand Pro is an app for playing with your creativity. With a range of MIDI instruments and matrix rolls you can tap sections to input notes, while slowly building up the texture of your arrangement. With over 150 synths and 30 drum types, this handy little app is perfect for fun experiments or crafting entire compositions.



If you like games and music, you’ll love Musyc. Combining the fun element of gaming with artistic graphics and sounds, this is an app that gives you the perfect sandbox for making your masterpiece with as much fun as possible. Using shapes to represent notes and lines to show beats and bars, the Musyc app allows just about anyone to create musical sounds while having a blast.


Those are our top music apps to get you started. If you’re a keen music lover and think we’ve missed something, let us know!