Just Mobile Headstand: a stylish metal headphone stand

Just Mobile HeadStand Premium Headphone Stand - Silver

I love having a tidy desk. Even when my work space festooned with gadgets, I like there to be a prevailing sense of order and decency. That’s why I like the Just Mobile HeadStand. This premium headphone stand is practical as it is stylish, elevating your headphones from the clutter of your desk and displaying them proudly. Let’s take a closer look.

This headphone stand is constructed from precision-cut aluminium, a strong and durable material that also happens to look great. The stand’s weighted base ensures that even heavy headphones are kept securely in place, preventing potentially damaging slips or falls.

Just Mobile HeadStand Premium Headphone Stand - SilverJust Mobile HeadStand Premium Headphone Stand - Silver

The base also¬†has two layers, with sufficient spacing to allow you to store your headphone’s cable there. Plug your headphones into your PC, wind them around the base, and just leave yourself enough room to wear the comfortably. That stops the cable from sprawling across your desk, or lying on the floor to be run over by your rolling chair.

Let’s face it. No headphone stand is strictly necessary; they’re just really nice to have. Just Mobile’s Headstand is better than most too, with its gorgeous aluminium design and extremely stable platform. If you’re looking for a nice way to make your desk look good, and keep your headphones within easy reach, then the Just Mobile Headstand is ideal.

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