Add MicroSD card storage to your iPhone with the Leef iAccess

leef-iaccess-microsd-reader-for-ios-devices-white-p56057-300The iPhone is well-known for its metal unibody design – it looks beautiful, keeps thickness to a minimum and even helps with durability. But there are downsides to that design, most notably the lack of a removable battery or expandable storage. You can recharge your iPhone with a power bank instead of swapping batteries, but what alternatives exist to give you more storage? The answer is the Leef iAccess, a MicroSD card reader for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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The iAccess is a simple device, packing a MicroSD card slot and a Lightning connnector into a slim white curve. Once installed, the MicroSD card will sit behind your iPhone, out of the way. Simply copy files to and from your MicroSD card, and then remove the iAccess when you’re done. It’s not quite the same as just leaving a MicroSD card inside your iPhone, but it’s still a great way to transfer photos, videos and other files between your iPhone and PC.


It also works great for getting photos and video off your DSLR, action camera or drone, and onto the internet in a quick and easy fashion. (Of course, if your camera has a full-size SD card slot, then you’ll need to use an SD card adapter which will house the Micro SD card that can be used with the iAccess.)

Finally, you can even use it for watching movies on the go; just store the movie files on the card, then plug it in when you want to watch. With your photos and movies stored on the iAccess, you’ll have more space available on your iPhone for apps, games and new photos – never miss a moment.


The iAccess weighs only six grams, so it’s easy to keep it with you when you’re travelling, and its ABS plastic construction is durable enough to withstand constant use. It supports MicroSD cards between 8 and 128GB. The app is available for free from the app store, and makes it easy to transfer files, take photos and much more.

The Leef iAccess is the easiest way to use a MicroSD card with your iPhone or iPad, and it’s available now for pre-order from Mobile Fun. Check it out via the button below!

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  1. That’s not quite true – Micro SD and SD cards are functionally identical, they’re just different sizes. For that reason, it’s perfectly possible to use a micro SD card in an SD card shell in a DSLR, which would work fine with the Leef iAccess.

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