Protect against card clash with this clever iPhone 6S case

Proporta iPhone 6S Genuine Leather Contactless Case - Tan    Proporta iPhone 6S Genuine Leather Contactless Case - Tan

CARD CLASH. It’s probably not the most iconic phrase that the Transport for London has ever popularised, but it’s one that’s becoming a real annoyance to the millions that rely on Oyster and contactless credit cards to pay for their fares each day. Basically, if you have two contactless cards in your wallet, then a card reader picks one almost at random to read. If you’re unlucky, you’ll have a different card read at the start and end of your journey, and that means two maximum charges on your cards. TfL have started putting up signs about it at stations and have even published a very comprehensive web page on the subject, warning that you should only bring the one card you want to use near the reader, and keep all others far away… but we have a better idea.

It’s Porporta’s most recent case for the iPhone 6S, the Genuine Leather Wallet. It comes with built-in card clash protection, preventing the wrong card from being read and saving you from accidental charges.

Proporta iPhone 6S Genuine Leather Contactless Case - Tan    Proporta iPhone 6S Genuine Leather Contactless Case - Tan

Here’s how it works. The Proporta Genuine Leather Wallet has two different compartments inside; one is shielded and one is unshielded. Put the contactless card you want to use in the unshielded compartment, and any other contactless cards in the other. Place your wallet case on the reader, and only the card you intended to use will be read. It’s much faster and simpler than taking your card out of your wallet, and ensures you avoid false charges for using the Tube.

Of course, it’s not only the London Underground where card clash is a problem. There are millions of contactless card readers across the UK in stores and restaurants, and they’ll only become more widespread in the years to come. Use a sensible iPhone 6S case like this one from Proporta, and you’ll be able to make full use of the convenience of contactless without falling victim to card clash. Awesome.

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