New official LG G4 leather covers in stock now

One of the best parts of the LG G4 is its removable back cover. That allows for a (now-rare) removable battery and Micro SD card slot, but it also allows you to radically change the look of your phone by purchasing a new back cover. Today, we’re unveiling three new official leather back covers for the LG G4, each in a different colour. Let’s take a look!

LG G4 Beige Leather Replacement Back CoverLG G4 Blue Leather Replacement Back CoverLG G4 Pink Leather Replacement Back Cover

The three colours we’re adding are shown above. From left to right, we have Beige, Blue and Pink¬†leather options. Each is rendered in premium leather, and made precisely to fit the unique shape of the LG G4. What’s more, each of these back covers is an LG original, made by the same company that made the phone at the same factories. That means you can expect a perfect fit, both in shape and style.

These G4 covers replace the original cover of your device, so you will be able to swap back and forth as you like. Whether you change daily to match your outfit or just when you’re bored of your current case, you’ll find swapping cases to be a simple and easy process.

The leather covers are a little thicker than the plastic ones, so you may find that some tight-fitting cases no longer work. We’ve tested our cases to see which work with the leather backs, and you can find all of our LG G4 Leather Back Compatible cases here.

LG G4 Black Leather Replacement Back CoverLG G4 Brown Leather Replacement Back CoverLG G4 Burgundy Red Leather Replacement Back Cover

Of course, we also have other official LG G4 cases available, including QuickCircle cases with a windowed flip cover, and additional leather replacement back covers in Black, Brown and Burgundy Red. You can see these options above.

Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to let us know what you think of these new leather replacement covers for the LG G4!