First third-party OnePlus Two accessories announced

Earlier this week OnePlus announced their latest phone, the Two! The 2015 Flagship Killer is an upgraded version of last year’s model, with a cool design, strong specifications and a svelte installation of Android. Today we’re going to look at the very firstĀ OnePlus Two accessories, coming soon to Mobile Fun!

FlexiShield OnePlus 2 Case - Smoke BlackFlexiShield Case – Smoke Black, Frost White

Our first accessory is the venerable FlexiShield case. This case is one of our all-time best sellers, thanks to its flexible design and low price. The case provides full coverage of the back and sides of your phone to prevent scratches or dents, while also adding a lip around the screen to prevent damage there. The case is available in smoke black or frost white, and more colours are likely to be added in the future.

Leather-Style Wallet Stand Case – Black, Brown

Our second OnePlus Two case is this leather-style wallet case, which provides protection and practicality in equal measure. The case provides space for your cash and cards, letting you go without a wallet or purse. It also includes a built-in media viewing stand, which is perfect for watching YouTube videos or playing games on the OnePlus Two. Finally, of course you’ll also appreciate the rich leather look of this vegi-leather case, which comes in classy black or brown colour options.

Olixar OnePlus 2 Screen Protector 2-in-1 PackScreen Protector 2-in-1 Pack

This screen protector pack includes two plastic screen protectors, allowing you to cheaply and easily protect the screen of your OnePlus Two. The screen protectors are cut precisely to fit the OnePlus Two’s 5.5-inch display, and will last for a good amount of time. When the first has taken some damage, it’s easy to remove it and replace it with the second one in the pack, ensuring lasting protection.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you want to keep your phone’s screen well-protected, then the best choice you can make is to pick up a tempered glass screen protector. This new style of screen protector provides considerable protection against scratches, and employs a shatter-resistant film to prevent any damage. Glass screen protectors are also easier to apply than their plastic counterparts.

High Power OnePlus One Charger - MainsHigh Power Mains Charger

The OnePlus Two has a healthy 3300mAh battery, but it’ll still need recharging each day or two. You can minimise the time you spend charging with a high speed charger like this one. The High Power Mains Charger provides 2.1A of power, allowing your phone to be ready to go in just over an hour. You can also detach the included micro USB cable and attach another cable for other devices – such as a Lightning cable for an iPhone or iPad, or a mini USB cable for an older Android phone.

High Power Car Charger

We conclude with our final accessory, a car charger for the OnePlus Two. This high power car charger provides a healthy 2.4A of available power, ensuring your phone charges as rapidly as possible. The charger includes one integrated Micro USB cable, and a spare USB port for charging an additional device. This car charger is simple but effective, and if you’re looking to take the OnePlus Two with you to work or on holidays then it makes a lot of sense.


Thanks for checking out our very first accessories, and stay tuned for more to come! Be sure to let us know what you think of the article, the accessories and the OnePlus Two itself in the comments below. Thanks again and have a great week!