Galaxy Note 5 case photos reveal dimensions, missing features

The Galaxy Note 5 is due to be announced next month ahead of its September launch, but we’ve already published a few different images of the phone sourced from case manufacturers. Today, we’re releasing another in this series, this time from case makers Rearth, and this reveals more than ever before – including the thickness of the phone and some surprising missing features. Let’s take a look.


The Rearth Ringke Fusion is this latest case for the Galaxy Note 5, and it comes with a nice transparent back that provides a lot of information about the new phone. We can see that the phone lacks the faux-leather texture of last year’s Note 4, instead opting for a smooth glass facade that mirrors that of the Galaxy S6. The phone also has a noticeably less bumpy camera, ensuring that even thin cases like the Ringke Fusion will elevate the camera away from any surface the phone is resting upon. The back is also curved slightly at the edges, likely using the same curved glass tech that was used to do the front side of the Galaxy S6 Edge.


We can also see a SIM card slot on the very top of the phone, which is unlocked using a SIM card tool (or a paperclip). There’s no IR blaster visible here as there was on the Note 4, and seems to have been removed from the phone entirely. We see iPhone-6-style plastic antenna lines at the top too, same as the Galaxy S6.

The bottom of the phone is quite busy, with the stylus bay in the right corner (when held from the front), then a mono speaker, a micro USB port in the middle, and a headphone jack towards the left side. Previously, only the stylus bay and micro USB port were on the bottom; the headphone jack was on top and the speaker was on the back of the phone.


Finally, Rearth show the thickness of the phone as well. Assuming their 1.0mm measurement shown above is accurate, the phone is 6.33 millimetres thick. That’s thinner than the 6.8mm Galaxy S6, and considerably thinner than last year’s 8.5mm Galaxy Note 4.

All in all, it’s a very interesting look at the next big phone from Samsung. If you’d like to see more, here are links to the product pages for these five Galaxy Note 5 cases:

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Edit: Here are some additional photos of the Galaxy Note 5 from Rearth!

Crystal-4 Crystal-3 Crystal-2 Crystal-1

15 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 5 case photos reveal dimensions, missing features

  1. Hi, I bought the new Samsung Note 5 S View Clear Case with the Note 5 on Aug 21, 2015 and have been testing it out for a couple of days now. Despite the case making the phone look slightly bigger and heavier, I really like being able to answer calls and controlling various functions through the flip cover and not having to flip the cover over to access the phone. Really cool feature. And the S-Pen also works with the cover. I was also afraid that the new case would not work with the Samsung wireless charger but found out that the phone will charge with the cover on as well. Check out the youtube demo here:

    I’m usually not a big fan of covers but I really do like this clear case. The only downfall I find is that the case itself is not as scratch resistant as I would have liked it to be. I already have a 3×3 mm scratch on the front cover as a result of my keys. but generally, I’m quite happy with this new clear case.

  2. Does make me laugh how for years everyone criticised Samsung for its plastic design… They design something nice then people clad it in plastic!

  3. Whew, the confirmation of no removable battery makes me feel better about swapping my Note 3 out for an LG G4 a couple of weeks ago. The Note 5 looks like a nice phone but not flexible enough for this former Samsung owner.

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