How to add a slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard to the Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard    Galaxy S5 Slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard

Don’t you miss real keyboards on phones? Hardware keyboards are brilliant, tactile experiences that make typing easy, but they’ve pretty much disappeared from mobile phones over the past decade. Now, you can recapture a bit of that magic on the latest and greatest Android phone on the market, the Galaxy S5, with our new Slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.

Using the slide-out keyboard is really simple – just attach it to the back of your phone, as you would any case. Next, pair the keyboard with your phone over Bluetooth. After this, you can slide out the keyboard whenever you need to type anything longer than a couple of words, then slide the keyboard back when you’re done. It’s a slick solution for sure.

It’s faster and easier to write with a proper hardware keyboard, but there’s another benefit as well – you can write without losing half of your screen to the on-screen keyboard! That means you can actually see an email you’re responding to, for example, and more of the page of notes that you’re writing. It’s a real convenience boon.

Galaxy S5 Slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard    Galaxy S5 Slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard

The Slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard also serves as a case, protecting the rear and sides of your phone from damage. While you’ll find it a bit thicker than a standard silicone case, this also means you’ll get a bit more protection too.

Overall, the Slide-out Bluetooth keyboard is a fine addition to your Galaxy S5 that’ll help you recapture the convenience of a trusty hardware keyboard while allowing you to use one of the most popular Android phones of 2014.

For more information on this sweet slide-out keyboard case for the Galaxy S5, have a look at the product pages linked below in the colour of your choice: