Upgrade the camera that’s with you everyday: the Ztylus Camera Kit

The best camera is the one with you everyday. That’s the thinking behind the Ztylus Camera Kit, which looks to make sure your omnipresent smartphone is as capable as possible. The Ztylus kit includes two elements: a camera grip case that clips to the rear of the Galaxy S4, and a revolver lens kit which provides four lens options. Let’s take a closer look.

First up – the camera grip case.  These has a number of traditional accoutrements that you’d typically find on a full-size DSLR, adapted to fit around the Galaxy S4. The shaped hand grip is probably the most key addition here, as it provides a much more comfortable shooting stance than a slim smartphone body. Additional stabilisation can be provided by looping a wrist or neck strap through the holes provided. If you’re shooting a fixed position, then you can also use the fold-out kickstand in landscape or portrait orientations to provide a steadier shot. For the ultimate stable shooting position, a standard one-quarter inch tripod screw socket is also provided. The final added feature in the case portion of the Ztylus Kit is a ported audio chamber, which redirects the sound coming from the Galaxy S4’s internal speaker and ensures it remains loud and distinct.

Next we have the revolver lens kit, which provides a choice of four lenses in a rotating revolver-style fitting. A circular polariser lens is the most standard option, filtering out glare and improving both contrast and colour saturation. If you’re looking to take a wider-angle shot, then the wide angle or fisheye lenses are a good idea. The fisheye provides a nearly 180 degree field of view, great for taking photos in tight spaces or filming skate videos. The wide angle is a little more moderate, just about doubling your field of view without the signature fisheye look. The final lens, super macro, is revealed by unscrewing the wide angle lens, and provides about a 10x zoom for taking shots of small details.

Together, these two pieces form a very capable Camera Kit that should expand your photographic capabilities with the Galaxy S4. If you’re a keen photographer and you want to really make the most of your smartphone, then this is the perfect upgrade.