Amazing new Spigen cases and accessories for Galaxy Note 3

Got a Galaxy Note 3? You can look forward to a threesome of cool new cases and accessories for the phone from expert casemakers Spigen SGP. These include the Spigen Slim Armor View Case, which includes a viewport built into the front cover, and the Magnetic Clip accessory, which complements Samsung’s own S-View and Flip Covers, helping them stay flush with the screen of your phone.

Slim Armor View Case for iPhone 5 - Metal Slate  Slim Armor View Case for iPhone 5 - Metal Slate

Let’s take the Slim Armor View first. This case combines the Slim Armor styling we’ve seen from Spigen SGP before with the innovative S View style window that Samsung debuted on the Galaxy S4. Just like these official covers, you’ll be able to see the time, incoming notifications and other information without flipping the cover back – just tap the lock button and it’ll all be laid out before you. You can also answer calls without opening the case either; just swipe on the window to accept or reject. It’s a clever system, and definitely takes a lot of the bother out of having a flip case. Where this case differs from other flip cases on the market is that it’s highly armoured, boasting a hybrid design with a polycarbonate midsection supplementing a TPU shell. It looks good too, and is available in black and white.

Veho 360° M4 Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerVeho 360° M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Our next item is the Magnetic Clip, a cool accessory that fixes a common problem with flip cases: they just flipping open by themselves! Samsung’s S View cases have had this issue for a while now, so it’s nice to see a solution other than re-creasing the flip cover or resting the phone face-down most of the time. The clip ensures a perfectly tight seal every time, and ensures that dust and dirt doesn’t have the opportunity to slip between cover and screen.

For more information or to pre-order either of these items, check out the product pages below. You also might want to visit the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 accessory page, to see our entire range of cases, chargers and all other accessories for this popular phablet.

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