Music Angel – a portable universal 100 hour speaker

Portable speakers have become much more popular as of late, as folks are starting to realise the small speakers integrated into their smartphones, tablets and MP3 players just aren’t powerful or rich enough to really listen to music or movies on. Today, we’re going to be highlighting one of this growing number, which seeks to differentiate itself through a sturdy boxy design and an attractive price point: The Music Angel.

The Music Angel has a simple design, with a nice chamfered aluminium edge giving a bit of style to that otherwise boxy design. The Music Angel is small, about the same size as an iPhone 4 in length and width although considerably taller in height. There are speaker grilles on either end, allowing for some stereo separation. All in all, it’s an attractive yet simple design that maximises the amount of space that can be used as the speaker.

The Music Angel, therefore, produces a rather excellent sound given its small size. You’ll easy be able to overpower laptop and smartphone speakers, with a comparable sound to a mid-range portable radio. It’s certainly a considerable upgrade over integrated speakers.

The Music Angel is long-lasting too, working for up to 100 hours off a single charge on its 1000 mAh battery. There’s an LED indicator to let you know when you do need to recharge, which can be done via the included charging cable.

The full name of the Music Angel is actually the Music Angel Friendz, but don’t let this put you off. Behind the teen-focused zed, there’s good reason that these speakers are known as friends. Rather cleverly, they can all be joined up via their 3.5 mm jacks to allow each to play the same piece of music at the same time. This allows you to provide a much fuller and louder sound than you’d be able to achieve with one speaker alone.

The Music Angel is also available in a number of colours to match your style. Have a look at the colour of your choice via the product page below, where you’ll find additional information and photographs.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think of the speakers in the comments below. Have a good Christmas-time!