The eclectic charging cable stand called FUSEChicken


FUSEChicken. That’s the name of this curious charger / stand hybrid, which charges your device and holds it aloft with one clever cable.

The flexible yet strong Petite Bobine is a micro USB charging cable, suitable for a wide range of Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. Connect it to an AC adapter, and you can keep your phone charged in style. Connect it to a PC, and you can also sync your files between your phone and your PC.

As well as serving as a normal cable for charging or syncing, the cable’s gooseneck allows it to support the weight of a smartphone, whether at your desk or in the car. That makes it perfect for keeping an eye on incoming notifications, positioning your phone for video chat or photography. Unlike most desk stands, the long cable allows it to reach eye level with ease.

The FUSEChicken is a cool, whimsical contraption that’s also quite functional – perfect Christmas gift for the gadget geek in your life? I’d say so – I’m quite tempted to ask for one for Christmas myself, as it looks like the ultimate Google Nexus 4 charger.

There are 30 cm and 60 cm variants of the FUSEChicken available. For more information, including pricing and availability, check out the product pages linked below.

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