Rotable Lens & Colour Filter Case for Galaxy S3

Rotable Lens Filter Case for Galaxy S3

Heads up, aspiring retro photographers with the Galaxy S3! We’ve got a really cool case for the Galaxy S3 that’ll let you go beyond what’s possible with Instagram alone, giving you a choice of 10 colour filters and patterns to play with, adding a whole new dimension to your photography.

Of course, it’s not just about the filters. This case also stands up on its own protective merits, providing a soft touch easy grip surface as well as resistance to scratches. There’s even limited resistance to impacts and knocks, ensuring that your phone will stay in good condition much longer than it would do without a case.

This case is definitely on the slim side, offering a good mix of protection and style. The retro stylings of the lens wheel offer a good contrast with the simple black of the rest of the case.

If you’re looking for one of the coolest Samsung Galaxy SIII cases with which to further your artistic aspirations, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 Rotatable Lens and Colour Filter Case is an excellent option.

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