SpareOne Emergency Phone runs for 15 years on a single AA battery

Smartphones are many things – beautiful, fun, multi-functional – but they’re not dependable. Their batteries will last for only a few hours of use or a few days on standby, with high-speed data connections and large bright screens draining power like nothing else.

When you just need to make a call, there’s a better option available – the SpareOne Emergency Phone. As the name implies, this is a sim-free phone meant to be kept for emergencies, as an insurance policy. If your smartphone is out of power, damaged or can’t connect to the network, then the SpareOne will be there for you.

You can keep one in your car glovebox – if you break down and have no charge on your main phone, you can call for a rescue using a SpareOne. If you’ve got a panic room or emergency kit, keep it in there to ensure you’ll always be able to call for help if you need it.

The SpareOne is very easy to use. It’s got a numeric keypad and a one-touch emergency call button. You can also program 9 quick-dial numbers so you can reach your friends, family or work quickly and easily. Best of all, the SpareOne is powered from a single AA battery and will last for fifteen years on standby.

The SpareOne doesn’t have a screen, so it can’t receive text messages. If one is sent to the phone, it’ll automatically reply with a message that you’re using an emergency phone and should be called instead.

The SpareOne is an ideal emergency handset that won’t let you down.

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