Braven 600 Portable Wireless Speaker ships now

Today we’ve got a really awesome new speaker from Braven. It’s called the Braven 600, and as well as being a beautiful speaker with a crisp sound, it also features a host of connectivity options, from daisy-chaining multiple speakers to charging your phone. Let’s have a look!

So the first and most important attribute of any set of speakers is the sound quality itself. Thankfully the Braven 600 delivers in spades here, with two custom HD audio drivers that are amplified with left and right channel passive sub woofers. The 6W of total output (3W per speaker) is more than enough to deliver room-filling, engaging audio no matter the genre.

You can connect to the Braven 600 via Bluetooth (for phones and media players that support it) or a 3.5mm stereo jack (which is found on almost every audio device on the market, including radios and MP3 players).

The Braven 600 looks fantastic as well, with an anodized aluminium exterior that comes in your choice of two fetching colours – Ash Grey and Moab Red. The speaker is highly portable as well, with a clever design that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality or portability.

The 600 also serves as a Bluetooth hands-free speaker – just press a button to activate the built-in speakerphone and internal microphone.

Finally, the Braven 600 includes a USB port, making it easy to charge your devices on the go. If your phone’s running low, then you can just plug in your normal USB charger to get filled right back up again.

Braven have come out with a cool little video that explains the speaker system’s features, so I thought I’d embed it below. Keep a look out for that weird iPad / Android tablet hybrid near the beginning as well.

The Braven 600 will bring stunning audio fidelity to your life and is available in Ash Grey and Moab Red. For more information, check out the product pages below or ask us any questions you’ve got in the comments! Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend.