More images of Official Samsung Galaxy S3 images added!

After our recent post showing off the first images of the Official Samsung accessories for the Galaxy S3, we’ve got a couple more to show you!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Case

Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Case Blue















This time the images are for the Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Case in White and the Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Case in Blue.  The Slim cases offer extremely hard wearing protection without adding any bulk to the S3.  In fact they’re possibly the lightest cases around and offer the same protection as a hard case, they even add grip to the S3 thanks to the matte finish.

As you’d expect they have  the cut-outs to all the ports and features in order to keep the handset fully functioning at all times too.  They’re sleek, stylish and highly protective – the perfect solution for those who want protection and no bulk.

If you’d prefer we have this article and other S3 ones in local versions: FrenchSpanishDutchItalian and German.

What are your thoughts on the official products?  Let us know through the usual channels.