X marks the spot… Here’s our three most treasured HTC One X accessories

With the release of the mighty vessel that is the HTC One X around the corner, we’ve been pulling together our most treasured range of HTC One X accessories which will show off the gorgeous handset to it’s highest potential and make it the best looking thing on the seven seas.  Here’s our top three:

HTC HC C702 Ultra Thin Hard Shell


HTC HC C702 Ultra Thin Hard Shell

The Official HTC HC C701 Hard Shell adds a bright splash of colour to your One X, thank to its gorgeous purple design.

Made specifically for the One X, you can be sure this One X case offers the perfect fit and will protect your mighty handset from day to day bumps, drops and scratches.

So that your HTC One X remains fully functioning, this case has all the cut-outs needed including those for the charger, headphone jack and camera lens.  It’s a great, colourful case which protects the back and sides of the handset.

The tough polycarbonate shell, combined with the purple colour, makes this case look like a jewel in the ocean, so it’s the perfect accessory for the HTC One X and helps to show the brightness of the visuals on the monster 4.7″ display.

Team this case up with a HTC One X screen protector and you have the best protection on the seven seas.


HTC CAR D110 Car Cradle And Charger


HTC CAR D110 Car Cradle and Charger

The second piece of booty for your HTC One X is this stunning, sleek HTC One X car holder.

Sturdy and with a suction cup mechanism to securely hold your One X in position either on your dashboard or windscreen, this car holder can be positioned at the most comfortable and safe angle for you whilst driving.

You can rotate the holder too so it’s vertical or horizontal, depending on your preference and where you’re docking it.

Therefore you can use the maps functions or music functions on your handset, without blocking your view of the road. However the suction cup is easy to remove, should you wish to change where the car holder is placed.

There’s and integrated charger in this car holder too which keeps your One X fully juiced whilst you’re exploring the seven seas and means you’ll never get your crew lost whilst hunting for treasure.. simply follow the map and X marks the spot!


HTC One X Case - PO S650


HTC One X Case PO S650

The final treasured accessory for your HTC One X is the genuine HTC One case.

Made from a high quality and extremely durable leather material, this HTC One X cover features soft internal lining too, so your One X is protected from day to day bumps, drops, scrapes, scratches and shocks – anything the pirates of the seas have to throw at it.

As a pouch, this cover doesn’t give you access to all the ports and features of your handset but does prevent pocket dialling and screen damage whilst your phone is in your bag or pocket.

It features an easy to use pull tab to help remove your phone from the case simply and looks highly professional – impressing all your treasure seeking buddies.

This cover offers a snug and highly protective fit for those who would rather not use a snap on case and prefer to enjoy the style of the One X in its purest form.


These are our most treasured One X accessories, but which accessories do you think are the best? Let us know through the usual channels.