Galaxy Nexus Accessories – Everything First

We’ve just got in a shipment filled with samples of the very first official Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories, including the first ever HDMI dock for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus — perfect for harnessing its epic playback abilities. We’ve got photos and videos galore of all the accessories in action, so check it out!

For more information on any accessory, just click on its picture to be taken to its product page.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Docks & Desk Stands

We’re the first in the world to have pictures of these new accessories, including an HDMI dock that allows for that easy HDTV connection — watch all of your videos on the big screen, with 1080p video playback!

We’ve also got the first Landscape Desk Stand which works great for watching videos on the HD screen, and the Holder and Battery Charger will charge a second battery to really make sure you won’t run out of juice on the road.

These are the docks and desk stands we’ve got right now:

Samsung Desktop HDMI Dock

Samsung Desk Stand (Landscape)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Holder And Battery Charger

Want to have a look at the HDMI dock in action? Here we go:

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Cases

If you’re looking to protect your shiny new phone, then a case is definitely essential. We’ve got a mix of cases available at the moment, with more to come. If you’re looking for a thin shell, then the FlexiShield Skin (in three colours) or Case-Mate Barely There (in two colours) are your top options. For a more protective option, try the Case-Mate Tough Case.

FlexiShield Skin Black

Case-Mate Tough Case Black

Case-Mate Barely There Black

FlexiShield Skin White

FlexiShield Skin Purple

Case-Mate Barely There White

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Car Holders

Here’s the first genuine Samsung Galaxy Nexus vehicle dock, coming directly from Samsung themselves. The perfectly fitted and quite stylish car holder keeps your phone at an easy viewing angle whilst you’re in the car, perfect for using its top notch satellite navigation software. The vehicle dock also includes an integrated micro-USB charger pass-through to minimise unsightly cables.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy Nexus Vehicle Dock - ECS-K1F2BEGSTD

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Screen Protectors

Of course, a screen protector can never go amiss — this is a great way to add protection for that crisp HD screen without adding a bulky case.

MFX Screen Protector

MFX 10-in-1 Screen Protector

Martin Fields Twin Pack

Of course, we’ll have more Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories in the very near future as we receive more shipments. Stay posted, and if you have any questions about availability (or anything!) then feel free to contact us via the comments section of the blog (below), TwitterFacebook or even our new Mobile Fun page on Google Plus.

Thanks for reading, and farewell!