BlackBerry Bold 9900 Cases: Most Protective


The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the flagship BlackBerry of the moment, combining the iconic BlackBerry keyboard and security suite with a touch screen, fast processor and thin chassis.

It’s also the most expensive BlackBerry available, so you’ll likely want to protect your investment with a solid and stylish case. For this reason, we’ll take a look at the three most protective BlackBerry Bold 9900 cases… starting now!

3. Mightybox Double Protection Case

One of our newest BlackBerry 9900 accessories is this case, the Mightybox Double Protection. The BlackBerry 9900 cover is one of the cheapest available, and yet uses a distinct two layer design in order to prevent damage.

There’s a silicone skin around the body of the phone as well as a tough plastic mesh, which serves to deaden impacts. As with most cases, a separate BlackBerry Bold 9900 screen protector is advised for full protection.

MightyBox Double Protection Case for BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Black

Unlike with most BlackBerry 9900 covers, particularly protection-focused ones, the Mightybox is quite small and slim, allowing easy connections with your BlackBerry 9900 charger or BlackBerry Bold 9900 car holder without having to take the phone out of its case. Unfortunately BlackBerry desk stands are more troublesome, and you may have to remove the case for these.

Overall though, the Mightybox provides an impressive level of protection, given its small size and even smaller pricetag. An excellent addition, particularly if you don’t want to sacrifice the 9900’s slim design to fit it into a good BlackBerry 9900 case.

2. Case-Mate Tough Case

The next step up is Case-Mate’s indomitable Tough Case. This BlackBerry Bold 9900 cover is a well regarded in the UK, being one of the first purpose-built highly protective cases to target the consumer market on a large number of different phone models.

The BlackBerry 9900 cover comes with two layer protection that is more substantive than the MightyBox’s offerings, including as it does a combination of a silicone inner shell and an exterior hard ABS plastic shell.

Although this means fitting into a BlackBerry 9900 car holder is more difficult, the Case-Mate Tough still includes all of the cutouts necessary to connect other attachments, e.g. a BlackBerry Bold 9900 charger.

Case-Mate Tough Case - BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Black

As listed before, a BlackBerry 9900 screen protector will only add to the case’s protective qualities. With this, the Case-Mate Tough is a strong competitor, and only barely loses out to…

1. Otterbox Defender Series

The Otterbox Defender Series! This BlackBerry Bold case, a product of popular US import Otterbox, gets our top spot today. The Otterbox case includes the same two-level system as the other BlackBerry Bold 9900 cases on our list, but also offers impressive port coverings that are dust and splash resistant.

The Otterbox also comes with a extra rare feature on these types of BlackBerry Bold 9900 covers; a detachable belt clip holster. This means that if you’re using the Defender out in the wilds somewhere, as intended, then you’ll be able to keep your phone within easy reach.

Otterbox for BlackBerry Bold 9900 Defender Series

With everything that the other cases on the list offer and a little bit extra, the Otterbox Defender is our winner.


It’s a close fight between all three, particularly due to the small price difference (just £5) between the Otterbox and the Case-Mate cases. With it so close probably the best thing to do would be to leave it to the viewers to decide – which do you own, and would you support it over the other? Let me know via the links below!

That’s all for now. If you found this helpful or had a question about other BlackBerry Bold 9900 accessories or just mobile phone accessories, please let us know via the normal social media channels, or leave a comment below. Thanks!