Awesome Atrix Accessories

I couldn’t be more excited about the launch of the new Motorola Atrix; it looks swanky and it’s got some excellent features.  Not only does it have a dual core processor, it has dual camera and even a webtop app that means you can take your desktop with you! Pretty nifty if you ask me.

So in celebration of the Motorola Atrix, here’s my rundown of my top 5 Motorola Atrix accessories

5. Otterbox for Motorola Atrix Impact Series

Otterbox is a brand that you can trust for your accessories; the Impact Motorola Atrix case is tough and has extra protection on the corners – so no bumps and scratches there.  More importantly though it comes with a Motorola Atrix screen protector meaning that your phone has complete protection – good news!

Otterbox Motorola Atrix Case

4. Motorola Atrix Dual Desktop Charging Cradle

This is a great Motorola Atrix Charger as it syncs and charges at the same time.  It also has the room for a second battery to be charged, so you’ll never run out of juice!  The best feature of this Motorola Atrix Desktop charger is that it has a HDMI output socket on the back so that you can watch your videos and view your pictures on the TV, whilst your phone is charging; multitasking at it’s best!

Motorola Atrix Desktop Charger

3. Motorola Atrix Flexishield Skin

The first thing which I really like about this Motorola Atrix cover is the design – it’s funky and different.  As with all the Flexishield’s this one doesn’t add any extra bulk to your phone and the material’s durability means it protects from bumps and scratches.   As the Flexishield only covers the back of your phone, I’d suggest investing in a Motorola Atrix Screen Protector for ultimate protection.

Flexishield Motorola Atrix Cover

2. Motorola Vehicle Dock for Motorola Atrix

This Motorola Atrix Car Holder is a clever one; it’s designed specifically for the Atrix so the phone fits perfectly and is fully functional whilst in the holder.  What’s very clever about this car holder though is that it automatically activates the phone’s built in software; meaning it can transform into a Sat Nav as well as enabling voice searches!

Motorola Atrix Car Holder

1. Laptop Dock for Motorola Atrix

This Motorola Atrix Dock proves why the Atrix is such a special phone.  Simply by sitting your phone in the dock you can access all your contacts, applications, emails and more on the big screen without any complicated synchronisation procedure; all through the Webtop App.  The dock has eight hours of battery life and even charges your Atrix whilst it’s in the dock – which is said to be so secure that you can turn it upside-down and your phone won’t fall out!

Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock

Those are my favourite Motorola Atrix accessories but which ones will you be getting?