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The Nokia N97 is one of the most highly anticipated handsets of the year, and if you’ve got one, you’re going to want to keep it protected from knocks and scrapes. There are a wide range of Nokia N97 cases available, but which style is right for you and which one should you go for?After getting my hands on the N97 this morning, I’ve tried on our most popular cases to see how they measure up.

Since originally writing this post, Nokia have released the Nokia N97 Mini. The N97 Mini is a smaller handset than the N97 so the cases listed here won’t fit the N97 Mini.  I’ve done a separate post that covers the Top Nokia N97 Mini Cases.

1. Nokia CP-323 Carry Pouch

The first case I tried was probably my favourite of the bunch. It’s a simple fabric case that holds the phone securely. It’s a snug fit, and with a micro fibre lining, should keep the phone pretty free of finger prints. As it’s a pouch style case, you’ll need to take the phone out when you need to use it, but in terms of protection, this offers the most out of the ones I tried. This type of case is best suited to those who carry their phone around in their bag or pocket.

Nokia CP-323 N97 Carry Case

Nokia CP-323 N97 Carry Case

2. Nokia CP-382 Carry Pouch
A Mobile Fun favourite – the Nokia CP-382 carry pouch is a custom made horizontal pouch made exclusively for the Nokia N97. It has a textured hard-wearing finish, discretely embossed with a Nokia N-series logo. The main benefit I like about this case is that you can plug in your headphones whilst your N97 is snugly tucked away in the case, making it a little more functional that the Nokia CP-323 above. It also features a handy cut-out to allow you to attach the Nokia N97 stylus to the case, with out having to have it dangling from your N97.
Nokia CP-382 Carry Pouch

Nokia CP-382 Carry Pouch

3. Nokia N97 Carry Pouch
Similar in style to the CP-323, the Carry pouch is a Leather case that covers all of the phone, and has a fold over flap with a magnetic fastening to keep the phone in place. The rear of the case has a stitched belt loop, which means that the case can be attached to a belt/bag strap for added security. As the case is designed to be worn on a belt, the case is slightly bigger than the CP-323 to make it easier for you to remove the phone.

Nokia N97 Carry Pouch

Nokia N97 Carry Pouch

ToughGuard Shields are a similar kind of case to a Crystal Case, but they are much more robust. Rather than being made from clear plastic, they are made from a more flexible, energy absorbing polycarbonate. This means that the case is unlikely to break or shatter if you do drop your phone, but will still divert impact damage away from your N97. ToughGuard Shields don’t cover the screen, so we’d recommend using an N97 screen protector with it. These cases are a secure fit to your phone and are more suited to people who want to put a case on their phone and forget about it.

Nokia N97 ToughGuard Shell

Nokia N97 ToughGuard Shell

5. Nokia N97 Crystal Case
Crystal Cases are a great way to protect your phone if you don’t want the added bulk that you sometimes get by carrying your phone in a case. Crystal Cases are designed to cover the body of your phone, and absorb the impact when your phone is dropped. They don’t cover the screen, so to protect your screen, we’d recommend using them in conjunction with an N97 screen protector. Whilst they do the job, they can be a little fragile, so for stronger protection I’d opt for a ToughGuard Shell.

Nokia N97 Crystal Case

Nokia N97 Crystal Case

More Nokia N97 cases are arriving into stock over the next few days, as soon as they arrive I’ll add the best ones to this list.  Check back later or subscribe to the Top Nokia N97 Cases RSS Feed for this post to receive updates as they’re posted.

11 thoughts on “Top Nokia N97 Cases

  1. no, it won’t cause any harm. We’ve sold hundreds of the magnetic pouches and had minimal returns. worst case, it might activate your camera, but it will go into standby mode after a few minutes to prevent draining the battery

  2. My N97 comes with CP-382 case. But, it’s a bit too tight and hard to remove it when somebody’s calling. I bought the magnetic flap carry pouch. As per Roger said, it’s true, the magnets makes the camera switch on. I just want to know if this magnet can cause anything bad to my phone? Thanks..

  3. hi
    i have a n97 i like these two pouches (Nokia CP-323 N97 Carry Case)(Nokia CP-323 N97 Carry Case) i tried everywhere in india but i couldnot get any of these, is there any way that i buy it trough internet, or do u do the delivery to india?? i really need the answer!
    thank you! :)

  4. Hi,

    Indeed a great post.
    You have service in India ??

    I liked the Nokia CP-323 Carry Pouch and Nokia N97 ToughGuard Shield

    mail me…

  5. Have had my n97 for about a month now, and received my toughguard shell early last week. Very nice, but somehow the guard + screen protector push on a part of the screen, and i have to remove the case to use it. Quite ennoying, as definitely keener on a screen protector than a case if choice had to be made.

  6. i just got a N97 YESTERDAY lol im freaking excited, but im still thinking about the case and i wanted to know if ther apps store is any good

  7. Don’t use cases with magnets (like carry pouch 3 mentioned).

    More ofthen than not, the magnets with make the camera come on. No it’s not pushing any buttons for those of you thinking that. The lens cover uses a magnet to tell the phone whether it’s open or closed. Magnets on cases confuse it, turn the camera on (even with the keylock on) and you open your case to a flat battery. Bad phone design, but otherwise I like my N97 so far.

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