HTC Chargers – Mini USB or EXT-USB

The one thing we get asked about quite often with HTC devices is about the charging connection. Older HTC models came with accessories that had a standard Mini USB connector, where as the more recent devices use EXT USB, they look similar, but whats the difference?

Mini USB on the left, EXT USB on the right

EXT USB is a connector type that is specific to HTC Devices and features a powered USB and Headset connections in a single combined connector. This new type of connector lets you charge, sync and use audio devices all through the same port (though not necessarily at the same time).

The EXT USB port is backwards compatible with Mini USB which means that you can use older Mini USB accessories with newer EXT USB handsets, but you not the other way round.

HTC still have stock of Mini USB accessories, which is why some genuine HTC replacement cables or chargers are not exactly the same as the one that you got in the box with your phone. If you order a replacement and its not exactly the same as your old one, don’t panic, it will still work perfectly fine.

The video below shows a HTC Hero charging using both a Mini USB charger and an EXT USB charger.

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  1. This post was written in March 2009 – before the Micro USB Charger was announced as standard. This post doesn’t apply to the latest handsets from HTC that use Micro USB charging/data cables – for those you just need any micro usb cable or mains charger

  2. just wondering why if as the info from your site says that the ext usb port is on newer htc devices why did you sebd out a micro usb charging cable for an htc touch hd and will the mains charger fit

  3. Andy, In that case I would be delighted to receive the Micro USB. It would be a shame if I could not get the Idapt I3 to work with the HD2 as it is ideal (currently being used to charge my wife’s Nokia and the kids DS’s).

    Many thanks for your help.

  4. I’ve just been and checked stock in the warehouse and it appears that none of the ones currently in stock have the Micro USB adapter in them. I’ve spoken to the warehouse and we’ll get you the tip sent out separately.

    I’ve got a HD2 charging on my desk now on the i3. The HD2 definitely uses a standard Micro USB charger and will work fine with the HD2. I’ve uploaded a photo of ours charging now, and this is using the adapter that I’ll be sending out to you (we only have one in stock).

  5. Andy, I do not have a Micro USB connection within the box. However I am still doubtful this will fit as I have tried another Micro USB lead and the connection was too small (and still would not fit onto the connection pins).

  6. Hi Daren, There should have been a micro USB adapter in the box with the stand, if it’s missing let me know and I’ll arrange to get one sent out to you.


  7. I am sorry but you are incorrect. The Idapt i3 comes with a mini USB (Not Micro) and this definitely does not fit the HD2.

  8. Hi Daren, thanks for your comment. You’re right, the connector on the HD2 is different to the ones mentioned on this post. The HTC HD2 is the first phone from HTC to use the new, standard, Micro USB charger.

    The Idapt i3 does in fact come with the Micro USB adapter so will work with the HD2.

    I’ve checked the compatibility listed for the stand and all seems to be correct.


  9. The solution does not, however, work with the new HTC HD2 – this has a different connection. A bit like the Micro USB but bigger. The connection is oval shapped and will not accept the Mini USB plug (no matter how hard you try!).

    The compatibility chart with the Idept product is incorrect.

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  11. Not that I’m aware of, most ext accessories are wired up differently, so even using an adapter like the one you’ve mentioned wouldn’t necessarily mean the accessioy would work.

  12. If your phone has the connection shown on the left, then no, you won’t be able to use a the new type of connector on an older handset, but you can use older accessories on newer phones.

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    hi this is gandhi i wanna know that HTC diamond head set is compatible with HTC p3400.can you please answer for my question

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